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Handit Bandit is a thief and mercenary who appears with Madjick and Knight Knight in The CORE during Hard Mode with a fun value of 15. They are a Hand-like monster that is hired by Mettaton to hunt down the human. They enjoy gold.



He looks similar to the Hand Receptionist from the MTT Resort only that he is dresses up as a thief. He also carries a dagger.


While he enjoys being with strong monsters like Madjick and Knight Knight and is very loyal to them, he is still very cunning, sly and untrustworthy.


  • Dagger Swing: Swings a dagger towards the soul with (!) warning.
  • Hand grab: He uses several hands that try to attack the soul. If the soul is damaged by this attack then the player will lose 5 Gold.
  • Thunder Clap: Two hands will appear to the left and right of the soul and will try to damage it. Afterwards the attack will leave shockwaves the will damage the soul.



An ally of Handit Bandit. They are great friends.

Knight Knight

An ally of Handit Bandit. They are somewhat great friends.

Hand Receptionist

They are siblings. Hand Receptionist doesn't like their brothers greedy habits and constantly scolds them to not steal from other people.


  • Much like Muffet's fight you can use gold to reduce the damage you take next turn.
  • This character was based on the Fighter, Mage, Thief trope.
    • This is why Handit Bandit is related to Madjick and Knight Knight since he is the Thief to their Mage and Fighter.