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Heroe is an Out!Code created by Artivoke. He a Goat Monster who gained the ability of time warping from a god. He's now roams the Multiverse with the help of his dad's machine.



Heroe's story takes place before any Human/Monster war. Heroe was a goat, looking similar to one of the Dreemurrs. (FYI, he is NOT a part of the Dreemurr family.) He lived in a cave, living off of bugs and other prey that was unfortunate enough to crawl into his lair. He had to live in a cave due to his parents abandoning him, and leaving him on the streets. One day, whilst hunting, Heroe found a mysterious orb on the ground. Out of curiosity, he picked it up. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. He kept it and put it in his pocket. When he returned to his cave, he didn't hear water dripping. Nothing was moving. He looked at the grass outside. It didn't move. He thought, maybe this is that orb thing, and tried poking it again. At once, he heard the dripping of water, and the grass was swaying once again. He discovered he had immense power, and used this to his advantage. He paused time, and adventured out to his home town. He snatched a gun from a nearby gun store, (Time was still paused.) went to his parent's house, un-paused time again, and shot his parents as revenge for abandoning him. He had explored the house, seeing what had changed while he was gone, and discovered a machine in the basement. It looked like a machine that could warp to different timelines. He had went into the machine to see what would happen, put in a random seed number, and the rest was history. He now uses his machine to warp to different timelines, and help them.


Heroe looks like Asriel Dreemurr, except with a chipped left horn, a scruffy white tank-top, and dirty black sweatpants.


Parents - Heroe was abandoned at the age of about 7, and so he had a mixed relationship with them. He had to eat bugs and birds, which he reluctantly did. He later killed them out of spite and hatred for leaving him.

Buggy - Buggy was a "friend" of sorts of Heroe, as he spared the beetle's life. He later kept him as a pet, as he was very lonely and needed somebody to vent to. Buggy later died of old age when Heroe was 8. Heroe had to eat him to survive, and he did so whilst crying.

Outside of his Timeline

Sans - When Heroe first arrived in a timeline, he was greeted by a skeleton named Sans. After meeting him, they've been friends ever since. Heroe has been learning puns from Sans, which is really getting on Papyrus' nerves. He now lives at Sans' house, keeping his machine in the lab behind the house. (Sans told Heroe to keep the lab a secret to Papyrus, and he's kept that promise since.)

Papyrus - Heroe first met him when Sans took him to his house. Heroe thinks he might be a little coo-coo crazy whenever Sans cracks a pun. He is the first person to actually enjoy Papyrus' spaghetti, but thinks he should put a little more sauce in it.

Fell!Sans - Heroe and Fell!Sans have a mixed relationship. Fell is usually a little mean to Heroe, and has a dark sense of humor. (Fell's dark humor almost gave Heroe trauma at one point, but he's gotten over it.) Heroe has never met Fell!Papyrus.


  • Heroe does not like being wet, or just water in general. That's the reason why he's never traveled anywhere outside of Snowdin, as he's too scared to venture Waterfall.
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