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Heroton is a Mettaton Out!Code that works as a hero/explorer for hire for AU explorers. Rather than adventure or fortune, fame is his motivation for it, and he is never seen without his camera drones that film every event happening during the adventures to release it as a movie for the multiverse to watch. He does this mostly in a way that makes him look incredible and his companions stupid. Most of his past heroics he brags about are made up, and he usually puts in just enough effort to seem heroic, despite not actually being it. He tends to put his companions in harms way more often than saving them from it. His name he made himself, to stand out from all the other Mettatons


Heroton came from an AU where monsters were never sealed away, and dungeons filled with treasure littered the lands, and he was one of the many explorers. One day, he found an amulet that allowed him to travel through the multiverse in one of these, and decided to use it to become the multiverses greatest hero.



Heroton's body resembles that of Mettaton EX, but his torso is shaped and colored like a white knight's armor, to seem more heroic. He also wears a pink and purple cape with a golden H on on it, and he never goes anywhere without a pair of "stylish" sunglasses.


Heroton is extremely self-absorbed and narcissistic, and he considers himself the greatest hero of the multverse. He brags about heroics he actually never commited at every opportunity, and hates it when people question them. If someone is in danger, rather than saving them immediately, he has the tendency to film it for "dramatic effect" first.


Heroton carries a highly impractical yet extremely stylish looking sword, and has a shoulder cannon that shoots extremely flashy looking balls of energy that pack the power of an average human fist and a grappling hook similair to those from Legend of Zelda. But according to himself, his strongest ability is "to look photogenic under any condition".

He also has a large collection of flying camera drones that follow him wherever he goes.


Undyne Sigma

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Heroton dislikes her after being denied a place in her multiversal protection force, and often attempts to ridicule her.


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Heroton claims he has saved Ink and the entire multiverse on multiple occasions, which, as he claims, usually nearly cost his own life.


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Heroton claims to have beaten Error with both arms tied to his back through dancing. Because of this, Error hates him for his "lies".

Monster Kid

Heroton likes most variants of Monster Kid, as they tend to easily believe his stories.


  • He is loosely based on Gilderoy Lockheart from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.