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Honey is a bee monster that lives in New Home. She owns a bakery that produces many sweet goods there, and is considered Muffet's rival by many. She also is a strict yet very kind mother.



Honey is somewhat chubby, a result of her often tasting her goods. She usually wears a honey-colored apron, and has blonde hair shaped into a baehive.


Honey has a sweet and joyful personality and loves children. She is very strict towards her own son however, a result of the fact she tends to over-worry about him. She hates people slacking off during work, and will not hesitate to give her staff a firm smack on the head with a ladle if they do so.


Honey can fly, although not high or for very long due to her age and weight. Her stinger is still completely functional, however. For her magic, it takes the shape of a swarm of bees.



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Buzz is her teenage son, and she is extremely concerned about how rebellious he is.


Honey doesn't like Muffet's bakings very much and despises her way of doing business, and many people consider them rivals.


  • Originally, Honey was planned to be in control of a lot of the Underground's food production, rather than a single bakery.