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So, you're a Monster right? That's hilarious.Human!Sans during your first encounter with him

Human!Sans is an Out!Code Created by Artivoke. He is (true to his name.) a 12 year old human who has the personality, abilities, and occupation as Sans of Classic Undertale. He also has the ability to traverse the multiverse, though he rarely does it since it takes a large amount of energy to do so.


Human!Sans comes from an unknown AU where Monsters instead won the war. The humans were sealed Underground by 15 powerful mages, and would require 15 Monster SOULs to break the Barrier. That AU is where Human!Sans and Human!Papyrus currently reside. He and Human!Papyrus were created by T.T. Turnip, (which is a name referencing a font called Turnip.) who was lost in the CORE after a failed experiment done by him. It left all memories of him among everyone who knew of his existence erased.



Human!Sans wears a pastel blue, puffy jacket, black and white striped shorts, and white slippers. He has somewhat strawberry blonde hair and white skin. (as in race, not actual color.)


His personality is nearly identical to the Sans of Classic Undertale. So far the only exception is that he drinks straight pickle juice or relish instead of ketchup. Outside of his AU, he is generally like the other Sanses, but he is human, and not skeleton. He likes any instance of a Swapfell Sans and Papyrus, as he thinks they're pretty edgy and cool. He gets along with any other AU's Sans, though. Undynes generally dislike Comic, though. (he is a human and all.) He is a so-called "protector", but is too lazy to actually do anything. He just dubbed himself "protector" and called it a day.


Like his Skeletal Counterpart, Comic can use magic; specifically Turnip blasters and rings. Even though he does have the ability to AU hop, he needs to channel his energy to warp far out into the Multiverse. It does cost him his energy, and causes him to be very nauseous and exhausted. He needs about 24 hours before he can AU hop again.




His 15 year old brother.

T.T. Turnip

His creator/father.


Any friend of Papyrus is a friend of Sans.


Helped create the CORE, and are good pals.

Outside of The AU

Swapfell Sans

Friends with Comic because of Blackberry's edginess. They are good friends and enjoy doing things together, like playing video games like Dall of Duty, and Minceraft.

Swapfell Papyrus

Friends with Comic because of being friends of Blackberry. They get along well because of their laziness, unlike Blackberry always being active.


Comic and Error are basically enemies, trying to get each other into trouble so Ink could erase one of them. That never happened, and they still are enemies to this day.


  • Though his name is legally Sans, he prefers to be called Comic.
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