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Humaslime (or called The Humaslime, Amalgahuman or simply "him") is an amalgamate demon born in an unknown place (supposed to be a lab). They were born in a mysterious AU, still not discovered by Ink or anyone of the like. Their purpose is unclear.


Humaslime was a human experiment that was held by ???!Gaster in an unknown universe. The experiment involved the Human SOULs. The purpose was to bring the humans back to life so Gaster could do experiments on these. However, as the experiment went on, an unexpected error happened in the system, which destroyed a huge part of the lab. The humans were revived, but in an unusual way. They were a single being, with six arms and wings. Gaster tried to stop them from leaving, but he couldn't. And they flew away.



It/His name is originated from the words "Human" and  "Slime". The slime part is due to being originally a slime before taking the current form.


He looks similar to AD. Has red eyes, six armss, grey wrings and what it looks to be a SOUL being drained out. One of his legs is replaced with a bone. Most of his articulations are covered in blood. In his early stages, he was just a living blob of slime.


Emotionless, unable to feel empathy or anything of the like. "He" has a weird taste in food, liking to consume SOULs of any kind. They will also unleash themselves at anyone whose SOUL they think is appetizing. They never feel any pity towards any of their victims, or anyone in general.


Most of his powers are unknown, but he is known to hunt people. Also they can do these:

  • They can smell the "scent" of a SOUL in the nearby areas.
  • They're able to consume SOULs and feed on them.
  • They can contract their wings and other 4 arms in order to look normal.
  • They can fly.

He uses the energy from the SOULs to keep living, even though he can consume others he doesn't need. However, the energy doesn't last forever, and the SOUL (and him) will began dying once all energy is wasted.


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