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Inferno!Sans is a Out-Code created by Keion15. Inferno Sans serve as the God of the Underworld. He watches over the Dead Souls in Underworld, He was one of the Many Gods that bowed to King Multiverse.


Inferno Sans was a Sans that was born in the Underworld, He serve as the God of The Underworld and He watches over the Dead and Souls in the Underworld, Later when He wandering the through the AU's he met Ink and Error. So then he became good friends with both of them and He like to talk with them time to Time. When King Multiverse arrived he became King of the Multiverse, So without a question Error,Inferno and Ink bowed to Him. So they and the rest of the gods became Servants.



He is very Calm and Chill, He often's visits Ink and Error, He like to talk with them a lot. He really don't like King Multiverse because He didn't want to Bow to someone he didn't even know, But he still respect King Multiverse. Inferno also like to Hangout with Reaper sans and Reaper Papyrus because since they are the Gods of Death. He seems to get along with Reaper!Sans the most out of the gods in the Multiverse, Inferno does enjoyed drinking lava and he likes to read books if he is very bored.


He wears a Flame suit, He also have Black Fur and He also have Red Eyes. Fire can be around his hands and his body.


  • Flame Blasters: His Blasters are Red and they shoot fire out of them. This Blaster look likes a dark brownish red blaster.
  • Flame Chains: He can summon Flame chains to take people Souls. He can create different types of fire to capture his enemies.
  • Flame Bones: He use Fire Bones, Which do 10 Damage each every hit. He can create different types of flame bones.
  • AU Hop: He can hop to each AU at will if he want's to. He can travel to any type of AUs.
  • Flaming Eye: His Flame Boost his fire Abilities to do more Damage against enemies, but he can't use his flaming eye that much.
  • Flame Portal: He can make a Portal of Fire to travel to Places. He can create portals to different AUs.
  • Flame Blast: He blast a Beam of Fire at Enemies that can burn them for a very Long Time. This will use up all of his Magic.
  • Control over the Dead: Inferno Sans have the Power to Control/Command over the Dead Souls and People. But the ability will use up all of his magic.
  • Flame Blade: He use a Flame Blade for a Weapon to Fight Enemies or Kill anyone who stands in his Way.
  • Death and Life Sense: He can sense Life and Death Auras of people when he know if they are going to Die or how long will they live.
  • Fire Manipulation: He can create different types of Fire to Kill or Attack Enemies, He use Black, Orange and Blue Flames to attack or Kill Enemies.
  • Flame Skull: He can Summon Flame Skulls, To burn his Enemies. He can summon different types of fire skulls to fired at his enemies.
  • High Renegation: He has the ability to renegation which means he can heal his body instantly no matter how much damage he takes.


He is very weak to Ice and Water Magic, Which can damage him a Lot.


Ink and Error Sans (Friends/Allies)

He met both of them when He wandering through AU's, Soon Later He became Good Friends with Both of them, He sometimes hate when they argued too much but He can deal with it. He sometimes like to crack Jokes with them.

King Multiverse (Boss)

He dislike King Multiverse because He had to bowed to Him even those he did't know, But he still respect Him even if he don't like him that Much. He was given the title god of the Underworld and Dead, Same with the other Gods as well.

Core Frisk (Friend/Ally)

While traveling through AU's , He met Core Frisk and they talk to each other, So then Core Frisk showed Inferno the Omega Timeline, He sometimes visits Core Frisk to Talk or help with the Omega Timeline every once in awhile.

Reaper Sans and Reaper Papyrus (Friends/Teammates)

Inferno met them when they was taking Souls to the Underworld, So then they met Inferno soon they became Friends with Inferno Sans, Later they also talk to each other every once in awhile.

Seraphim Sans (Friend/Ally)

He met Seraphim sans when he was traveling through AU'S, Soon they became good friends. They often visits each other, If they are Bored.

Infected (Enemy)

When he was in the Underworld, He sense a lot of Deaths soon he knew who was causing them, Infected the First the Destroyer, So now Inferno is hunting him.



  • He Is the God of the Underworld.
  • He is very calm and Chill
  • He is a Neutral God as well.
  • He Is also the God of the Dead.
  • He is one of the Gods
  • He is the master of Fire.
  • He can control and Command the Dead
  • He was given a God-title by King Multiverse.