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"You can’t kill me, For I am neither dead nor alive. I am a Forever Constant, and my presence is Eternal and Forever. I am an Ideal and Idea who never ends, that a creator will just write up again. I am Everywhere. Everything you touch or see. Everywhere inside and around you. Everywhere in anything or anyone. So before you fire any beyond-god-meta-omni-beams or whatever, know that it really won’t matter too much, or at all. It’s already ended…...the fight, I mean. You lost the second you stepped forth to slay the big bad monster……. The ‘Bad Guy.’ of your story. If I could feel pity right now, I'd probably laugh. So go ahead. Do something; Special Attack, anything. Make this interesting....."
– Infinitey Code's announcement

Infinitey Code is an antagonistic Out!Code created by DARTHROOM as the end boss of all adventures and RPs. Born from the scrapyard of ideas and concept, he became self aware and observed the worlds of the multiverse. Once he realize its true nature, he became enraged by it and his own meaninglessness of it all. He’s now enacting a plan to overthrow its creators, and turn the Undertale Fandoms into a living hell; declaring himself as the Ultimate Enemy.


Back when Undertale was created on September 15, 2015, A sketch for certain ideas and story-lines were made long before the game was released. Some of these ideas were forgotten, thrown away, trashed, and left for dust. These forgotten ideas remained lost and untouched after the game was released until the spark of ideas which first started the fandom came into existence.

Immediately after the creation of the fandom one of these discarded ideas came into existence with the fandom, an idea in the form of a certain sketch of a human to be exact, and due to the explosive event of thoughts, “codes”, and ideas was able to gain a sense of “awareness” on a different level than normal characters could because it was bathed in the very formation of all Undertale fandom existence and was able to achieve infinite omnipotence and omniscience but, however, this lost idea was still an empty emotionless blank husk. The idea witnessed everything within the Undertale Omniverse, from their creation to their abandonment and destruction, while remained imprisoned within the boundaries of nonexistence. Due to their non-existence, all it can do was to sit and watch for what seems like eternity.

This all changed when another spark that was similar to the one that started the fandom flared within him. Apparently the spark was started accidentally by a curious creator looking for ideas for their AU by looking through the discarded ideas for the game Undertale. This, inadvertently, grant the Idea independent thought and free will. This idea saw the whole multiverse with a sense of thought for the first time and sat down in confusion. It began to explore and watch Aus live out their lives with a sense of emptiness.

It was unsure of who or what “it” was but after a while, it realized that “it” was a “he” and that HE was forgotten and thrown away by…...who? This became a puzzle to him that no matter how much he thought he could not figure out. This question tormented him for days and weeks constantly teasing and laughing at him, making him grow with hatred and spite while descending into unfathomable amounts of madness. He ripped himself apart looking for an answer to free him from this burden and with desperation reached out of nonexistence for ...something. This something was unknown but it gave him the answer he needed, and the answer was his creators threw him away like trash, unwelcomed, unimportant, and completely unneeded. After realizing this He looked closely at all the happy AUs who had a place, who had a Story.

He began to go mad, filled with rage and hatred as he became obsessed with reclaiming all that he lost by any means necessary. So he reached out to become semi-existent and learned his powers and abilities has exceed that of the creators that brought about his non-existence. He then decided he needed a signature appearance so he made himself a body with a strange infinity code he came upon, this strange code also inspired himself a name to give himself further individualism, and this name was Infinitey Code (the E in infinity gives infinitey code a sense of individualism).

After building an identity for himself he proceeded to observe things about the multiverse. After careful and thorough observation, Infinitey Code came to a horrifying conclusion; that Undertale Omniverse was nothing more than a cosmic library of tales created by the fandom for their own amusement. The thought of the fate of the entire omniverse dictated by a series of careless and apathetic beings further filled him with rage. After coming to this conclusion he strongly desired to escape the prison of Non-existence, and to enact revenge on the Creators that enslaved him and the Omniverses with their narratives and stories.

It was during this time, he encountered Godessa. Who came at a earlier period before him. Their encounter really showed her what sort of monster he was becoming. And Infinitey Code was disgusted by her choice to protect the fandom, and so he tried showing her the flaws. This was to no avail, however, for Godessa believed in her cause with all her heart, and her pleading lead him to lash out in a fit of rage. His attack was sudden and caught her off guard. He began to word his powers carefully, knowing Godessa did not prepare for such of a Assault. His clever word play would be her downfall, almost completely annihilating her. She took the last moment for clever word play of her own, cutting away a piece of the fandom from Code, causing him to be blown back, his entire existence being forced back and out of the fandom, disconnecting his Omniscient temporarily from that part of the fandom he was rejected from. And without him the undertale AU's began to be made. While he remained a spectator.

Later on he found a small tether between the two realms. Allowing him to suggest and tempt the minds of others in AUs who's barriers are weakened to the outside. Allowing him to slightly turn things to his favor

Infinitey Code is now assembling a coalition of villains, demon, genociders, and maniacs, for his crusade against the Creators. Although he promises his followers freedom from the narratives of the storytellers, he saw them nothing more than pawns in his quest of revengence. And through that, he became know as the "Enemy of the Undertale Fandom".

Manipulating AUs, OCs, Events, And Characters

Infinitey Code likes to unfold events that lead to chaos, despair, and many other twisted things. He can manipulate the downfall of an entire civilization by whispering into the head of one paranoid beggar. His schemes go amazingly deep.Here is a few Examples of what he does:

In Overtale, The presidents Adopted Monster daughter has become very jealous at the lives normal people live and hates all the publicity while her father thrives in the political environment. She is getting madder and madder while Infinitey Code keeps Edging her on and weaving these feelings and allowing them to grow. Soon he will gain enough of a psychological change within her to suggest that she should kill her father and the daughter will then consider it. If she does kill her father whether she succeeds or not does not matter, for if she succeeds the humans will claim that the daughter was a plant by the monsters and then war will erupt between the humans and monsters, which the monsters will think the humans made her kill their own president just to go to war. If she fails, the humans will think along the same lines of if she succeeded.

In UnderWorld, Infinitey Code has been whispering into the mind of a new mother named Chara. Overtime Chara has begun to witness strange things such as her vision going blurry, becoming randomly light-headed, growing extremely paranoid, and hearing odd noises that are not really there, she does not know that Infinitey Code finally wormed his way completely into her head, and now she is seeing random numbers on the wall and things have rapidly accelerated. She kept hearing voices and more noises and whispering and the time came for Infinitey Code to make his move. While Chara was huddling up with her baby, Infinitey Code made her suffer a huge episode, she thought she was seeing the wall open up and a large hand was coming to grab her while bloodcurdling screaming poured out of the hole. In her hysterical attempt, she threw the baby at it, and it all ended. The visions stopped, the voices stopped, Everything stopped, including the baby's cries. Chara rushed over to her son and picked him up and realized the baby was limp, once she saw his head was split she realized she killed it through excessive trauma and out of pure despair she hung herself, Infinitey Code often tells this as a funny story (the only ones who really find it funny are Prophets and Viral!Sans).

Ultimate Goal

He plans to escape his infernal prison, and transform the Undertale Omniverse into an Eternal Hell of suffering and despair; all to spite the Creators that brought about his miserable existence.

It is then Infinitey Code will then promise to take his followers to a new fandom, where he will create rules and templates to follow. Leading to a place of perfect equality, however in this new realm no freedom to create what they desire will exist

Infinitey Codes Servants will be promised, once he is freed, that they will be given whatever they desire. It's unknown whether or not he will follow through with his promises, considering his views on his followers.


Infinitey Code's Realm

Infinitey Codes realm was once a part of the fandom, though now abandoned and home to forgotten and thrown away creations. It has many appearances. Though mostly it's however he wishes it to appear, for it has no definite appearance. It could be a quiet suburban neighborhood, a noisy pub, a realm of chaos, or simply nothing at all. It's appearance is whatever code wills/wants it to be. It all depends on who its visitors are, and what they expect sometimes. Though it's always designed to throw people off.


Infinitey code posses any form of size (he has no concept of size or height). He has pitch back skin filled with an assortment of white binary codes. His hair were pitch black, with white tips and outlines. infinitey code's eyes are both different: the right eye is red with a small black dot in the middle with a thin red line around the outside of the red circle, the Left eye is red with a yellow dragon eye, infinitey code's face is also different. on the side with the dragon eye (left side of the face) his mouth is skull-like with demonic teeth, on the side with the other eye (the right side of his face) his other half of the moth is the same color of the white binary. it appears to be a sinister jack-o-lantern style mouth that moves in sync with his left mouth (this means when he opens and closes the right half of his mouth the left side open and close with it) but it is unable to make expressions like the right side of his face.                                                                                                                                              

He dons a regular hoodie with the hood up (also filled with a random assortment of codes). On his chest is a large infinity symbol, this infinity symbol represents the infinitey code. infinitey code's left arm from shoulder to hand is covered in elaborate armor (the armor is constantly glitching and changing color. its /texture looks like the background of this post) and his hand on his left side is larger than his right. His right arm is like the rest of the hoodie and binary skin. On his left leg he wears tattered shorts that go down to the knees, the shorts are the same design as the hoodie, and his legs color is the same design as the armor.  the right side of his leg he wears normal baggy pants with black shoes with white binary.                                                                                                                                            

Natural Appearance

He have many forms and change between them


Infinitey Code has an intense hatred for all of existence, for to him all of it is simply a bad story needing rewritten, while it and its characters punished for their ignorance.

All in all he is very calm and calculating, sometimes prone to violent fits of explosive rage and intense moments of psychopathic behavior. Infinitey Code is a true Sociopath. He lacks remorse or empathy for his actions, grows easily bored in conversations, extremely manipulative, is only polite and kind to those who benefit him.


  • Narration/Word Dominion: The ultimate, and probably one of the most powerful abilities possessed by code. This is Codes primary ability. Where his word and/or will can become absolute. Using this code can rewrite his abilities and powers. Giving complete ‘Creator Control’ over what he can do (Besides breach the Unseen barrier) Among all the abilities, his true powers were never The Omnipotence or Omnikinses because such things could not exist due to the conflicting will of the creators and their creation. This was simply a design of Code so others would not catch on. He can use this ability to instantly turn omni-beings into basically nothing. Simply wanting them to be mortals or by simply saying things as “Infinite Stats? Joy! Your stats are numbered, and now 1..." This ability can also be used to redesign his own context, for example, he could choose to never actually die or be injured in any way. Indefinitely. Due to the unique nature of this ability, it means code cannot be defeated by any natural means. He can also completely choose to get rid of his needs for stats. Which renders him untouchable. The ability renders him as an Avatar status being. The ability can only be completed after killing Godessa. Which will allow him to complete this singular ability.
  • Manifestation: Infinitey Code has the ability to manifest outside his realm through avatars, he can also decide to manifest a copy of his entire realm, and it is in these false realms that he organizes his troops, he never really shows up. Each copy is classified as Outerversal +. This ability allows him to fool some gods, who believe they have control over him or have killed him, some examples are God404 and Error Bill. Crusaders of Infinitey. Many of this copies are also variant of himself, like Omnigodity, and they are connected to the original inf, but they think by themself.



His greatest creation, and second in command in his crusade against the Creators.

Mother Virus

A being he created to command his Army.

Multiversal Root Flowey

An out!code who's aware of his scheme and were working with the other out!codes to foil them.

Unknown Being

A personification of pure good that existed within the Undertale fandom itself. Seeing that she’s a threat to his plans, he had her destroyed. However, as if she anticipate her own demise, made creations that would continue to help provide protection to the Creators and the Undertale Multiverse.

There might be a chance she could return, and will banish Infinitey Code permanently beyond the multiverse (with the help of the Creators with their most powerful creations); forever isolating him into a desolate void were he will be dissolve into his own hatred and insanity.

The solution to bringing her back involves three special items she created during her downfall; though what they are remains a mystery (though it is rumored that Ink Sans is deeply involved with their creation and is in possession of one of them).


  • Infinitey Code is one of the most powerful beings in the Undertale Omniverse.
  • Infinitey Code still has a bit of compassion in him.
  • Infinitey Codes schemes can go years and years deep, even now BILLIONS of small events Infinitey Code put into motion are still rolling.
  • Infinitey Code loves AU themes.
  • Infinitey Code was one of the few out-codes that learns that they're fictional characters in a fictional Multi/Omniverse,; and he's driven insane by that fact.
  • Infinitey Code loves 90's, Electronic, Heavy Metal, Rock, and elemental music.
  • Infinitey Code often says billions of things at once when excited.
  • Infinitey Code is trying to find the Astral Mother.
  • Infinitey Code has no soul unless he wishes otherwise.
  • Infinitey Code can't be manipulated/controlled by other fictional characters.
  • Infinitey Code wishes to use Anomaly to help gather every kind of Soul.
  • Infinitey Code has the High Complex Outerversal+ Rank, and uses it to his advantage.
  • Infinitey Code loves using Primordial Force Manipulation.
  • Infinitey Codes favorite ability is Dancing.
  • Infinitey Codes strongest creation he could push into the Omniverse was Viral!Sans.
  • Infinitey Code loves dramatic plot twists.
  • Infinitey Code promises Unknown E.X.E to give him his own world once Infinitey Code is freed.
  • Infinitey Code wanted to torment CORE!Frisk by forcing them to watch as the OmegaTimeline being ravaged by his forces.
  • Infinitey Code loves to mess with Player and likes to offer hints to his existence. Doing so greatly amuses him, and every time Player gets closer to finding out about the truth, Infinitey Code "pushes" away the clues leaving Player to scramble to recollect the info.
  • Infinitey Code can create his own Omniverse, separate from the Fandom; but his boredom and madness cause it to quickly fall apart and dissolve into Unreality
  • Infinitey Code is keeping a careful eye over Unknown!Sans. Him being good and bad makes Infinitey Code cautious.
  • Infinitey Code loves to break other minds.
  • Infinitey Code is merciless.
  • He can be defeated in certain canons, as the creators have complete and total control over the narrative; which is why he works in secrecy in order to get the same force to release him, so that he can enact his revenge.