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Ink!Disbelief Papyrus is a Papyrus Out!Code whose backstory was written by Nirvana Supermind. He's a creation of an alternative Ink!sans to be his backup in case something happens to him. But, due to an accident, He protect the multiverse alone in the doodlesphere.


He was created upon an alternate Ink!Sans trying to create backup in case he died. The easiest monster to summon was a clone of UT Papyrus. He then handed Papyrus over 50 copies of monster souls of AU Ink Sanses that the human had already killed at the time (Swap!Ink Papyrus, Shift!Ink Chara, etc.), giving him access to Ink abilties.

He also tried to create clone of UT Undyne, but this strategy eventually backfired and Ink!Sans and InkUndyne died from an accident leaving only Papyrus.



Papyrus has an Ink!Sans-esque jacket complete with red boots, paint spray and red band around the neck. He has glowing yellow eye when using gravity attacks, and the eye weakens upon choosing "Apologize" in the ACT menu at Phase 1.


Having the standard Papyrus traits being lost when he absorbed so many souls, he behaves much like a mix of a standard HELP_TALE character and Dustbelief Papyrus as he tries to parse many Ink soul personalities at once, and will use all of his attacks with full force. He renembers very little about Ink!Sans and the cloned Undyne, in contrast to vanilla Disbelief!Papyrus, so his respwaning of them in Phase 3 lasts much shorter and they have much weaker attacks relative to his attacks.


  • Summon: He is able to summon up to 50 AU Papyruses per phase, and he can immediately steal their attacks, for example he can use the spear ability when Taletwist!Undyne is summoned. He can also summon a maximum of 2 summonING characters per phase like Ink!Sans and the cloned Undyne, as he does in Phase 3.
  • Drone Blaster: He is able to use drone-shaped Gaster blasters going in a maximum of 3 directions, as he inherits this trait from Revenge!Papyrus. The drone blasters also spew out ink like Ink Sans's blasters.
  • Hop: He is able to hop between AUs at any time.
  • Will add more later