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Ink!Mettaton or Painter is a Metatton out!code creaded by Ninadroid. He's creator of Mettatopia, as well as its Guard. Born in the Anti-Void after the X-event, he vowed to protect the AUs of the Multiverse.


He was born/created somewhere in the Anti-void. He purpose is the same as Ink!Sans, to protect the multiverse and help creators with their AUs. At first he was all alone and had no real emotions. But after a long time he met Ink!Sans who gave with special color vials and two paintbrush. Thanks to the vials he could now feel joy, sorrow, frustration and other types of feelings. Soon, he began to aid Ink!Sans in protecting the Multiverse and stopping the destroying form ruining the AUs.


  • Originally he was the protector of the AU Turnedtables, but it was later scrapped as the idea was too nonsensical.
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