In Inktale, after Ink!Sans had stopped Error!Sans from deleting an AU, but just barely, he decided to create Ink!Neil, who, in a failed experiment, morphed into a girl instead of being a boy. Ink, not wanting to change her back, named her Shelby. She opposes Error!Neil.


After a long and hard battle fighting Error!Sans, Ink!Sans decided to create an apprentice which he could train. She was full grown when she was created and had most of Ink!Sans' knowledge. What she did not have, though, was a memory of Error!Sans, or any other AU. Error!Sans, seeing this, also created an apprentice to train.

What does she do?

Shelby goes to AUs with Ink, however, usually travels by herself. She learns from Ink as he teaches her how to travel through wet paint, use ink attacks and other stuff. She helps Ink with designs for new AUs.


Ink!Neil has long, brown hair that goes down to about the middle of her back. She wears a cape similar to Ink!Sans, and has a set of his art supplies. She has one bright blue eye on the left side of her head, and a bright red one on the right side. She wears a brown cloak, with a half red, half blue shirt underneath it. She has tan sweatpants, and she wears brown socks.


  • Ink!Neil has a crush on regular Neil.
  • Ink!Neil is afraid of the dark, and never likes to travel to the void.
  • She is named after the creator's friend, Shelby.
  • Error!Neil has a crush on Shelby, though he knows about her crush on classic Neil.
  • Sometimes, when Shelby accidentally stains articles on the AU Wikia, it will leave behind a small stain that looks like this: 69
  • If you see these marks, feel free to clean them up for her, as she does not like to see other people angry at her.