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Paul Grote Beverborg's interpretation of Ink Alphys is an Out!Code that researches and protects AUs, mostly ones that have effort put into them. While sharing the Ink title with Ink!Sans, she does not have the same origins as him (or any other Inks for that matter).

In a meta sense, she is the representation of AUs that have actual story published (or are considered "existent" by the AU Wiki), rather than just AUs in general. Her theme also is more based around written text rather than visual art like Ink!Sans.

She resides in an Anti-Void she dubbed "The Lab", which mostly consists of a large structure she built around a screen that can show anything in the multiverse to those that know how to use it and what to search for. Outside of the lab itself, this Anti-Void looks like thunderclouds.


Ink Alphys's world was one where there was no war between humans and monsters. Instead, both humans and monsters were destroying themselves over a powerful artifact, a pencil that could fulfill any desires that fall within its limits by simply writing it down, and any wars were fought over this pencil every time it showed up. At some point, Ink Alphys' friend Undyne got the pencil in her posession, but was brutally murdered by Mettaton, who tried to get ownership over it. However, Ink Alphys, who was given the artifact by Undyne in her dying moment, wished for Mettaton to be cast far away into the multiverse, which caused him to eventually become The Showmaster. After this, she decided to leave her world behind with the pencil so nobody in it could ever get their hands on the artefact, and cast herself into the multiverse as well. Over time she started to hate her old self for being "too pathetic to save Undyne", and she wished for her personality to be altered, causing it to become opposite of her old in many ways. Eventually she discovered an Anti-Void after her aimlessly wandering around, which she turned into The Lab, and it is now her main base of her research. She surrounds this Anti-Void with AUs she wishes to research more closely, generally ones that got corrupted in some way, shape or form.



Ink Alphys is monochrome, similair to the X-Tale characters. She has round glasses that glow white, and a labcoat found in The Lab that constantly has words appearing and disappearing on it. Some of these words are the only color she has on her appearance, as important words from an AU appear colored.


Ink Alphys is serious and no-nonsense, and in many ways the opposite of classic Alphys. She usually is very sure of herself rather than nervous, and generally calm and somewhat monotonous. While classic Alphys is bisexual, Ink Alphys quite possibly is asexual, or simply not interested in relationships. She has a disdain for people calling themselves a genius, considering it rather boastful. She never refers to anyone by a nickname, and never uses contractions such as "I'm" and prefers using traditional words such as "i am".


While having the pencil's power (see backstory) in her arsenal, she chooses to not use those power unless absolutely necessary. Instead, she prefers to use the gadgets she designed with her intellect.


Ink Sans

While originally having adopted his title for recognition, her current self is not very fond of him.


Ink Alphys has a deep respect for the owl.

Stephen Lighthead

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She thinks Stephen is a bit of a fool sometimes (which is partially due him referring to himself as "multiversal genius"), but considers him a valuable ally nonetheless.


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She finds Portalos a little annoying and foolish.

Undyne Sigma

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She admires Undyne Sigma a little bit, although she would never admit it out loud. She is not romantically interested in her, however.