Italic is a character in Alternatale and serves as Kopi's guide during the first half. They are a magician with the power to travel between timelines. He died after his battle with Copi.


Italic is a fairly tall monster wearing a black tuxedo and sharp black tap shoes. He has white cuffs and big blocky white gloves over his hands, and wears a bowtie that looks like an eyeball with butterfly wings, that doubles as a tie that looks like a tongue. His face is drawn on to his white head, with a messy circle acting as the right eye and an 'X' as the right one, and he has a squiggly smile drawn on as well. His actual face is on his black top hat, and he is shown to have a small black right eye and a large black left eye with a crescent moon shaped smile.


Italic is a very cheerful and appreciative monster, as shown by how he entertains frisk with his magic tricks. He is shown to be a great fan of magic tricks as he says he practices them, and many of his attacks have a magician theme. He is also shown to be quite knowledgeable on the existence of other timelines and the major differences between them. He is an incredibly kind person, as he risked his life to teach Kopi an important lesson, and showed no animosity towards Kopi even in death, instead telling them that they are a good person.


Italic has the ability to travel between timelines, though he is shown to not have enough proficiency to travel with someone else. He often moves around by teleporting in puffs of smoke. He also has a variety of trick-themed attacks:

  • Spectacular Smoke Slap: Italic disappears in a puff of smoke, then reappears and slaps the opponent with his giant hand.
  • Hammer Hat Trick: Italic pulls a giant hammer out of his hat and hits the opponent with it.
  • Card Dance Switch Trick: Italic throws cards up into the air that fly forward and slice the opponent. He can also snap his fingers to turn the cards into bombs.
  • Firework Falling Trick: Italic shoots fireworks from his hat that fall down to the ground and explode.
  • Super Awesome Amazing Italic Final Attack Trick: Italic sucks air into his hat, then fires a giant rainbow energy beam at the opponent.


Italic first appears when Kopi awakens in the Ruins. He introduces himself and tells Kopi about Mt. Ebott, the nature of monsters, and the Ruins, then pointing the way out before disappearing to practice his magic tricks. He later appears in the Genocide timeline and explains the concept of timelines to Kopi, as well as reveals the existence of GHOSTS. They later encounter Flowey, before Kopi returns to the Pacifist timeline.

Italic later returns in the Pacifist timeline in Waterfall, buying Nice Cream and showing Frisk a magic trick. Italic expresses remorse at not helping Kopi, and promises to watch over them from then on. Italic keeps his promise and reappears in the Genocide timeline alongside them, however, he expresses concern at Kopi's violent nature, and later separates from Kopi to give them time to think. Italic reappears to save Kopi from Chara's attack, then transport them both to safety. Italic then challenges Kopi to a battle, and treats it as a magic show, calling the phases of the battle acts of his show. Italic is gravely wounded by the battle, but is happy that Kopi has learned his lesson, and tries to teleport away, only to find that they are too weak. They assure Kopi it is not their fault, and tell them they are a good person, before he dies.


  • Kopi/Copi: Italic acted as a mentor of sorts for Kopi during the first half of the story, telling him about the Underground and later fighting him to get his message across. he showed no hatred towards Kopi in his death, and was happy that they had figured out what it was he was trying to tell them.
  • Frisk: Italic is shown to be very kind towards Frisk, showing them one of his magic tricks and and making them laugh.
  • Flowey: Italic is shown to hate Flowey, having seen many of his actions in different timelines, but not to the point of assaulting the flower.
  • Chara: Italic is shown to be knowledgeable on Chara's nature, and refers to them as a demon, suggesting some dislike towards them.


  • Italic's speech is written in italics, the font he is named after, similar to Sans and Papyrus.
  • Italic greets everybody with the French greeting 'Bonjour'.
  • Italic's name is pronounced 'IT-UH-LICK', like 'Icarus'.
  • Italic's appearance is somewhat similar to Death's from Soul Eater.