J is a half human who is chill with a lot of things. His parents (one demon and one human) died so he climbed MT. Ebbot to build a small shack there, but he ended up falling down because he "slipped" (was pushed). He never made it past Snowdin, because he decided to stay with Sans and Papyrus. J learned his powers from Sans, who tought him during a genocide run. He also ACCIDENTLY destroyed his AU. <section class="pi-item pi-group pi-border-color pi-collapse pi-collapse-open"></section><section class="pi-item pi-group pi-border-color pi-collapse pi-collapse-open">


J wears a green hoodie most of the time, but that can change depending on what AU he's in. For example, in Underfell it would be red, or Horrortale, where it would be black. His right arm is a skeleton arm, and his left is a black liquid. Also, when he goes to something formal, he wears a black tailcoat with a skull mask. His soul is black, with a white monster soul in the middle.


J learned the Gaster Blaster and bone attacks from Sans during a Genocide Route .

Magic Shotgun 

This ability he taught himself after screwing around with a Gaster Blaster and a shotgun. It can shoot whatever projectile he wants it to.


J's tentacles he got from his father who is a demon. He can extend them at will and mostly uses them to grab things when he is being lazy.


His strings are something that he did on accident when in Error!Sans's plane of dimension. It is simmilar to Error's strings but purple. He mainly uses his left hand for this attack.


He got it from his dad, and Gaster taught him how to move between AUs or just around AUs.


A dark scythe with a negative colored version of his soul (white with a black monster soul) resting in a holder in the blade of the scythe. He can pull the scythe out of the void at any time.

Mouth Blaster

J ate a Gaster Blaster, and can now fire the blaster from inside him. Why did he do this? He thought it would be cool. He was right.


J splits into millions of tiny triangles, and travels through space. Also, if any creature were to touch a triangle, they would be cut. J can also do this to different parts of his body, like arms or legs.

He also uses a plethora of swords and knives.


In dire situations, J turns into a beast. The top halves of Gaster Blasters appear on his lower arms to mainly be used as shields. He can't talk, as his mouth Blaster takes up his vocal cord area, but he can still open his mouth without blasting everything. His head becomes white, and from the nose up hardens to form a featureless shell. Around J's waist, shields of bone cover up his vitals, and the rest becomes the same black liquid his left arm is. His legs taper down to two separate spindles, as J is now floating. His hands form into black claws.



He taught J some of his powers, and J chills with Sans when he is stressed (all the time). He also appreciated Sans's humor.


J works for Error!Sans on occasion. He usually runs jobs like hunting down anomalies, but doesn't destroy any AUs.

Ink Sans

J ran into Ink on his way to his first AU. Ink showed him the ropes. He also occasionaly runs jobs for Ink by finding creators that need help.


J found him on accident, while 'fwooping' through AUs. Almost killed Gaster in a panick, but they're cool now.

Seltzer Water

His relationship with seltzer is like UT!Sans and ketchup.


Poison is a evil copy of himself and J's main enemy. J has to keep tabs on Poison, to make sure he doesn't infect a whole AU.


  • J likes to hang out in other au's.
  • He resides in a place called The House.
  • Accidently destroyed his AU, which he doesn't like to talk about.
  • Can Save and Load if there is no one else in the current timeline with the ability.
  • His HP is 1,000,000 and DEF is 1,000,000,000, but if you unzip his hoodie you can kill him in one shot.
  • Used to be able to edit code, but gave it up for unknown reasons.
  • He stays in new AUs he finds untill he feels he's done his job, even if they suck.
  • J never knows what his job is when he goes into a new AU, he just explores and tries to find out all he can about the worlds he finds himself in.