"everything is bettter with a bottle of whisky in my fist, and a gun in my clutches."
-James Bushanfuyer
(James Bushanfuyer is also known as "Dancer of the Crime World")


He is laid back, but a badass. He is merciless, and fast reflexes, making him quick to shoot anything, not to mention how much of a sharp shooter he is. He hates humans and wishes one day an anti human rain shall come. (That is what he keeps telling himself, that is what he keeps telling himself.)


He is a werewolf and can speak werewolf, and human for the record. He wears a black hat, and a black and white suit with black shoes, he wears a big, fluffy, white coat, and an eye patch over one eye. One can barely ever see his eyes because they are hidden under the brim of his hat, he is white skinned, an exception to his hands, which are mysteriously red. his left foot is a peg leg, lost to a werewolf hunter.

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