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Jason is a hybrid of 4 different species: an Angel, a Demon, a Dragon, and a Human. He wanders around the multiverse going to AU's and "saving them". His main goal is to save all the AU's and have peace throughout the multiverse.


His brother Jaylen was born sometime after Jay'len and sone were married 18,000 years ago but sadly a month after Jaylen was born they were killed in action and he was orphaned as an infant. 5,000 years later Jaylen when back to his birthplace and saw something in the distance, it was a golden bubble that was coming towards Jaylen. As it turns out Sone was still pregnant when she died.  When the bubble disappeared when it was in front of Jaylen he looked and it was a baby in a golden swaddling cloth. The spirit of his parents came down to him and said that that baby was his younger brother Jason. By the time they told him that they disappeared then Jaylen swore to protect and care for him and for the next 13,015 years they grew up together from back then to the present. Then after some time, he fell into the underground around the same time as frisk. He ventured through the underground alongside frisk and finished a True Pacifist Route. He then met a woman named "The Astral Women" (and no not The Astral Mother) she showed Jason the Multiverse and all of the AU's. Jason then made a choice to travel through the multiverse and save all of the AU's and so his journey began. 



He has straight white hair, wears a variety of T-shirts (Mostly a black shirt with a dragon and a full moon on it), a blue jacket with white fluff in his hood and sleeves, black jeans, a blue scarf, a demonic right arm, and an angelic left arm, and a pair of Air Jordan 3's (that are made out of molten gold on the outside and soft silk on the inside) 


His personality is a type that is easy to get along with he is kind, polite, respectful, and overall acts like a good friend even to the most black-hearted of beings. However, Jason is not perfect and can get angry or stressed real quick but very rarely. he also can get serious when he has to or if one of his friend's lives are on the line. He enjoys having conversations with people and sharing his interests with others. 


  • Flight: He can take to the skies at any moment he wants to and mainly uses this for transportation 
  • Teleportation: He can teleport himself or others to any location he wants but he cannot teleport past the barrier of the AU's he has not visited or finished 
  • Regeneration: He can regenerate from any sustaining injury which includes: recreating organs, fixing bones and ligaments, healing from cuts or stabs, regenerating or recreating limbs, etc. 
  • Elemental Manipulation: He can use several different types of elements which include: Fire, Ice, Wind, Water, Earth, Nature, lightning (he uses this one the most), Light, Darkness, Metal, Technology, etc.
  • Elemental Immunity: He is immune to any type of elemental attack 
  • God Buster: This is Jason's angelic left arm which he nicknamed Tero he can use this in a lot of situations this arm can stretch vast distances, shapeshift into weapons like a sword, duplicate extra arms, and other abilities
  • Devil Buster: This is his demonic right arm which is named Nero and can grab enemies from up close or from afar, grow to a different size depending on the enemy, etc. 
  • Clones: He can create identical clones of himself or someone else with identical traits to the original he uses this to distract or confuse the enemy to escape
  • Herobrine state: He can turn his eyes pure white and he gets a major boost in power 
  • Stockpile Power: He can stockpile power into his strikes some of the strikes are so intense that they can create explosions  
  • Superhuman Strength: He possesses tremendous amounts of strength and can lift up to about 10,000 to 35,000 pounds at max 
  • Super Speed: He is very fast and is able to run at unbelievable speeds his max speed is over Mach 310 
  • Enhanced Agility: He is very agile and is very skilled at dodging, parkouring, acrobatics, etc. 
  • Enhanced Durability: He has a very high amount of durability and can take hits very well 
  • Multiversal Travel: He can use a bit of the Astral Woman's power to open portals to anywhere in the multiverse 
  • Timeline Spread: When he finishes a True Pacifist Route in one timeline all of the timelines in the universe he is in will be finished true pacifist routes and the deceased beings in the universe will be brought back to life which includes Gaster and the people who are like gaster. 
  • Confidence Katana: He can manifest the power of his soul into a katana 


  • Attitude: Jason is a pacifist and will not fight unless he is forced to but sometimes his pacifistic attitude is nulled by his emotions
  • Insanity: There is a being in his soul that causes him to have random mood swings 
  • Creepy Environments: He is afraid of environments like Undertomb, Axetale, or Freaktale though he is learning to concur this fear 
  • Freezing: Sometimes when he gets scared he just stands in one place and kind of gets paralyzed with fear
  • Falling for traps: Jason is kind of naive which can get him into all kinds of trouble but he is trying to not be so gullible 


UT Frisk:

He helped frisk on their adventure through the underground and became good friends with them

UT Sans:

He is very good friends with sans and comes up with puns with him 

US Sans/Blueberry:

He likes talking to blueberry and thinks he's fun to hang around

Ink Sans:

He thinks his job is important and because of their shared interest in AU's they became good friends 

Error Sans:

Error thinks Jason is an anomaly that is infecting AU's and thinks he should be eliminated 


  • Jason loves to play basketball 
  • He has quite the family heritage 
  • he doesn't like to get caught in arguments with other people 
  • Jason has finished over 379 AU's so far 
  • When Jason gets angry a red aura flashes around him he usually tries to hide it 
  • Jason has his own dream realm