"Heya, squeenie! Your an idiot, aren't yah!? I dont wanna be friends with a human! KAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!" -- Underfell Jazz in the True Pacifist route.

Jazz (or Xalia) is the meanest monster in the Underground, ever, so far. She hates everyone and doesn't want to have friends. She is nasty and rude and can get a bad temper at times, even outraging.


Jazz/Xalia appears red instead of white, and seems to have sharp teeth sticking out of her mouth, ripped eyelashes and a venomous tongue. She also has makeup on her and rosy cheeks. One thing is that her tires are punctured and the windows are broken.


She behaves nasty, evil and doesn't like people. She hates the Hotland girls Fuku Fire and Skateboard Girl, as well as Frisk. She wants to kill everyone and destroy the whole world.

In Battle


  • Lightning bolts come out from a compact car, the player must avoid them but sometimes, and it may be blue and/or orange.
  • Broken hearts come from upwards, and then they go down the bullet board and the player MUST avoid them.
  • The dialogue box then shakes and vibrates until it turns into a mouth just like Jazz's, the player must avoid the teeth and the tongue. Sometimes, it may turn to blue or orange.