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Jokerman is a skeleton named after the Jokerman font, which is also the font he speaks in. He works an entertainer in New Home, and often performs as a mix between a jester and a magician. When not at work, he is a trickster and a con artist, most oftenly using his tricks to distract his victims so he is able to pickpocket them unnoticedly. He is based on The Joker, and the 4 Horsemen from Now You See Me.



He is taller than Sans, but shorter than Papyrus. His outfit looks similair to that of The Joker, although red and black color scheme. He is always seen with a set of cards in his pocket.


Jokerman loves performing for large crowds, and dreams of performing in Mettaton's show one day. However, his more malicious and greedy side reveals itself when not on stage, pickpocketing and swindling many.


Although he can still use magic bones, it is not his main type of magic, which is actually card-based. This mainly consists of summoning magical cards that circle around or rapidly fling towards his foes. Besides this, he is also an expert in all sorts of trickery and distractions.



Main article: Roman

He is Roman's brother, and often comes by much to Roman's annoyance.


He used to be Gaster's brother.


Semi is his father.

Sans and Papyrus

He is an uncle of the 2 brothers.