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"You hurt Frisk you deal with ME!"
– Justice!Sans

Justice!Sans is an OC created by Canuckistan. He is a version of sans from the AU Alterdune, an AU where the monsters have SOUL powers. Justice!Sans has a justice SOUL, as his nickname would suggest. He is more powerful than normal sans due to his justice SOUL.


Justice!Sans is the normal Undertale sans after a Pacifist route with the soul of Justice. He is basically normal Sans but hes not depressed, he has a monster soul of Justice, and he has more hp and deals 5 damage per attack (not including karma). This Sans still smiles and jokes around, but if you hurt his friends, brother or ESPECIALLY his love Frisk he will ditch his merciful philosophy and use his full power to wipe you off the face of the Multiverse!



  • LV: 3 (dont ask how)
  • Atk: 5 plus karma
  • Hp: 100 (normal) 2000 (Final phase genocide)
  • Heal attacks (1) : +35


He can summon any weapon he want because of his soul, he mostly uses axes and swords though.

In battle

Pacifist/Neutral (Training)

  • Sans is ready to train! (encounter)
  • Sans. 5 attack 5 defense. Loves you more than anything (Check)
  • Sans is bored (battle info)


  • Sans doesn't want to fight you.....BUT HE WILL HAVE TO WONT HE? =) (battle info)
  • 5 attack 5 defense. He still loves you....TIME TO SHATTER HIS HEART =) (check)
  • You ask Sans if he wants his Brothers dust, he's not happy at ALL Sans' attack increases (act)
  • You call Sans for help...CORRUPTION: *lowers your hp by 10*....Sans heals you and tells you to fight back against CORRUPTION (act)
  • You laugh evilly. Sans is angry his attack go's up (act)


This Sans wears a black shirt with a half yellow half dark blue sweater on top he also wears pink slippers, he also has a hood similar to Underfell Sans's. He also wears Sans' normal shorts and always wears a smile, but can put on a no eyes look that is exactly like normal Sans'. And his glowing eye is yellow instead of blue with gold in the center. He also has a yellow soul of Justice (where he got his AU nickname).


Justice!Sans acts like normal Sans, but except he acts more cheerful and merciful than his Undertale counterpart and more powerful aswell. He also interferes in timelines and AU's unlike his Undertale counterpart.


  • Teleportation to anywhere in the multiverse, (including the Omega Timeline)
  • KARMA.
  • Bone manipulation.
  • Gravity manipulation.
  • Psychokinesis.
  • Telepathy.
  • SOUL constructs
  • Time and space manipulation.
  • Void tentacles. (only being usable in his final phase)
  • He can speak, understand, read and write in Wing Dings.
  • Being able to sense genocide timelines and genociders.
  • He can summon Gaster hands which can manipulate the battle box.
  • He can summon trait orbs which changes the player's SOUL color for a turn.
  • Ability to go to Dark Universes (universes made by CORRUPTION).


  • his love of Frisk
  • his laziness
  • his love of his family
  • His fear of genocideEand murder i.e his Foniasophobia (mention either and he will freeze up)


(Feel free to add custom relations but I will choose whether to make it canon or not, Canuckistan)

Alterdune Frisk

Sans' girlfriend (wife if player does canon ending) who he cares about more then anyone in the whole Multiverse.


He sees Ink as a close friend and buddy ever since Ink saved his life from Error. He now protects AUs with Ink and Dream.


Justice hates Error a lot mostly because of his AU-destroying and sadistic personality. Though he does know that Error is just a broken/insane Geno/After so he still believes he can be redeemed.


CORRUPTION is justice's arch nemesis which he hates 100% because of the fact that CORRUPTION starts most GENOCIDE runs because of ITS influence.

Horror Sans

Justice absolutely hates Horror because of how he spread his insane human eating ideas by tricking those closest to him, but like Error he still believes that he can be redeemed.


He is as Justice! Says his "Multiversal emo best friend" he mostly hangs out with him and grabs coffees with him when they hang out.


Justice! Protects AU's with Dream, but other than that he doesn't know much about dream (besides the fact that he knows that dream is Nightmares brother.


Justice! Is pretty neutral on his opinion of Axe!sans he thinks he's cool and pretty chill but he hates that everybody in his AU including Axe!Sans is a cannibal but he still believes they are redeemable.


Justice mostly sees him as a ghost version of Sans. (which he technically is) But other than that they both hang out and grab ketchup together.


He thinks most Jevils are annoying and waaaay too chaotic, but he is chill with them most of the time.


Justice! thinks Dust is a psychopathic murderer and is actually a tiny bit scared of him due to his Foniasophobia, but he thinks Dust is more redeemable than Error and Horror combined because Justice knows that Dust felt bad about having to kill his friends.


Justice sees Clementine as a cool sword-wielding fourth wall breaking human.


Justice! Is great friends with SS!Chara and thinks she's the most badass Chara in the entire multiverse.


Justice! Thinks Killer is the only evil phycopath (besides CORRUPTION) that cant be redeemed due to the fact that due to both of them having a deep hatred for CORRUPTION, they quickly became good friends. he joined Chara's genocide strictly on his own accord. Justice is still horrified of Killer due to his Foniasophobia.


He sees Chara as his younger sister and cares for her alot.


He is good friends with PORTaLOS, having met them while travelling.


  • He is mostly merciful/ (even to murderers, but this has given him conflicting relations with the Multiversal Council which causes him to mostly go solo)
  • He protects AUs with Ink.
  • He loves ketchup, like most other Sanses.
  • He commonly calls himself Justice when traveling through AUs.
  • his father is W.D Gaster.
  • He says he also most likely visited 82.956% AUs.
  • His favorite AU is Outertale.
  • He hates Error and Horror a lot.
  • His Multiversal Best friend is Reapertale Gaster
  • His least favorite AU's is Horrortale and Axetale (because they're sad)
  • He says that even HE has a corrupted form somewhere in the vast multiverse
  • He hates AU's which have no reason for existing
  • He has Foniasophobia. (the fear of Genocide)
  • Since he disagrees with the Multiversal Council, he has started think of creating his own council which would show mercy more than punishment
  • Even mentioning genocide will make Justice freeze up and stay quiet.
  • His theme is Justicevania.