Killer is a godlike being who is made of dark magic. he is known for his bloody hockey mask and carefree attitude.


Killer was only a small child when someone had stolen and murdered him. His ghost went to hell and asked Satan for a body, in which Satan gave him dark magic to form his body, in which he had made his current body.



Cares deeply about him and will protect him no matter what


Same as Sans


Same as Sans and Papyrus


Hates her/him extremely and would do anything to tear her to pieces.


Thinks he is amazing and wants to be his friend.


Hates him even more than Chara and would rip him to shreds if it weren't for his strings.


is a temporary ally and likes to call him barnabitch


Killer looks like a jagged up human with cracks in his body and blood all over him. He wears a hockey mask to hide his face, which is highly disfigured.

Abilities and weaknesses

  • He can control masses of dark magic
  • he can warp the battlefield to his liking
  • carries a 12-foot blade called the "buzzsaw" it can chop through anything in one slice.
  • can absorb energy projectiles, darkness and mist to form weapons, armor, and projectiles (such as lasers)
  • Light can burn and possibly kill him.
  • Axes are his main weaknesses and will instantly die when hit by one In the head or stomach.
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