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"all things linger"
– எங்கள் நிழலில்

Separate, but never parted, Kindred!Sans represents the twin essences of nothingness. They go around the Multiverse hunting for individuals that should have met their end a long time ago and to make sure nothing is all that remains where that's all it should have been in the first place. Wolf (Gaster) hunts those who still run from their end, delivering violent finality within his crushing jaws. While Lamb (Sans) offers a swift erasure from the Multiverse for those who finally accept their true end.



A very long time ago, Kindred emerged from the result of the power of thousands and thousands of people together, every single forgotten idea, destroyed & scrapped concept, they represent the despair and destruction that were brought upon these worlds formed into two glued entities, however, most people see them as a single entity. They came together with a single purpose in mind, bring everything back into its primordial state, nothingness, until they're the only ones left, however, they let others be the ones to do that for them. Barely anyone knows anything about who Kindred truly is, throughout history only a few appearances have been documented and those who've come across Kindred and survived to tell their history are seen as the lucky ones. Both Sans and Gaster show up to their victims using a pair of masks carved with the remains of the people they've hunted throughout history and they always show up together. The Kindred are seen as two complete opposites from each other, many say that Sans represents the long-lost peace and happiness that once existed on multiple destroyed worlds, while Gaster, represents the despair and pain that once existed there. Despite being seen as opposites, both of them complete each other perfectly, however, they tend to provoke each other from time to time.

The Kindred is pictured differently on each Universe that knows about their existence, for some Universes they're both seen as a tragedy bound to happen, that once it does, nobody will remain. While for other Universes they're seen as the savior that will save everyone from their misery. People that were born with the power to see supernatural entities are often the ones to write about the Kindred and their experiences with them.

The shadows of the past

The Underground filled with nothing but the dust of multiple Monsters on the ground, Monsters whose lives had been taken away, by the same child who they had thought would be their savior, such terrible ends. The child that now kept on going with no hopes of stopping, certainly not now, that they had come so far for the sake of their own curiosity, they had chosen this, curiosity over lives, and in the end, the price ended up being too high.

Their journey was almost coming to an end, walking through New Home, distant memories flooded their mind, however, these memories were not truly their own, despite this, they had chosen violence instead of reason and they were not about to back down just now, not when they've come this way. Now arriving at the Judgement Hall once again, after almost countless runs. And so, they finally looked ahead and saw him on their way, a short skeleton, his face darkened and so, their fight started.

The fight lasted for what it seemed like for hours, the child that caused this had died countless times and the skeleton whose heart had been filled with vengeance for the loss of his friends & brother was finally getting tired and so, he finally gave in into exhaustion and was struck by the kid who he had thought had been his friend, feelings of betrayal was all that flooded his mind as he got struck, a long reddish wound appearing across his chest and his blood pouring from this kid's knife, with a last glance at his "friend", he turned to dust.

The child kept on going, ignoring any and all the feelings coming to their mind, hours of battle would not go to waste, they swore they would finish what they had started. They met the King of all Monsters and as he was about to try and reason with this little monster before he could even speak a word, multiple pellets surrounded and slain him dead. The author of this made himself present, a little flower that once held the same power the child now has, the flower begged to have his life spared by saying it was all a trick, he had thought that this child had been his long lost best friend, he couldn't have been more wrong. His cries fell upon deaf ears and he was now a goner, too.

In the shadows, two figures watched and started talking amongst each other "heh, it's always the same story, these kids must really like to bring us with them wherever they go." One of them said lazily and the other bit back, annoyed and impatient in the response "இந்த நிகழ்ச்சியை முடிவுக்குக் கொண்டுவருவோம், பிடிப்பதற்கு எதுவும் இல்லை!". In an instant, everything fell dark and the kid that had betrayed everyone's hopes and dreams looked around, startled. A few moments passed by, only the sound of the wind could be heard, wind that carried echoes of multiple beings that had once had a life.

Suddenly, multiple figures started to appear in front of the child, all of them were very familiar to them, they were figures of the monsters they had killed. All of them were wearing masks, some masks had a strange white symbol on their forehead while others had a black one, a strange black liquid seemed to pour from their eyes and mouth. All of the figures were looking down at the child, in instinct, the child stood up and tried to back away but found themselves unable to do so, they had been surrounded, a new feeling arose within them, fear.

They looked absolutely terrified and ended up falling to their knees, the child looked up at the figures, tears streaming from their eyes, the figures then started to repeat a single phrase that the child could not understand, "இது இதற்க்கு தகுதியானதா?", from all the figures, two others showed up behind the child, one of them spoke first "hey kid, hope you had your fun, now everything must stay how you left it, with nothing, now choose, my arrows." "அல்லது என் பற்கள்!", the other figure followed in after. Before the kid could muster any words, moments of the past came flooding back to them, times where they had been happy, now all that remained was nothing and they only had themselves to blame for that and so, guilt washed over them, for a moment, they looked up at the two entities before them and decided the best option right now was to accept whatever they had in store, they looked at the one that seemed to be the friendlier of the two and gave a small nod. The entity took out his bow and shot an arrow straight at the child, they accepted it, and soon enough, they were completely wiped out.


Additional Stories

  1. Survival is the key
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Sans is a 6'0 feet skeleton that has a mask carved from the remains of people who were hunted by him, in terms of appearance he resembles his original counterpart in almost every aspect, he wears an unzipped ocean-blue hoodie, a white shirt, black shorts with white lining, and a pair of slippers. He has white pupils that disappear when he is serious or angered. On the other hand, Gaster resembles a white Gaster Blaster, a fog continuously comes out of him and he has a mouth filled with sharp teeth.


Thanks to his awareness of being multiple beings formed into a single entity, Sans tends to prefer using "we" pronouns when referring to himself instead of "I" every time he talks. He does not have a SOUL and so, he cannot ever truly care about other beings nor feel love or compassion, however, he replaces the fact of lacking a soul of his own with a deep understanding and grasp on the concept of emotions to the point where he puts up a façade and pretends to feel something, upon coming into close contact with him one might not notice so easily that he lacks a soul at all just by how he acts alone. Despite lacking a soul, Sans does not care about bringing pain upon others, simply for the fact that there is no point for him to do so, even if he did, he wouldn't be able to get any satisfaction from it, and so, all he wants is to bring a simple and quick end upon beings if he has to be the one to do the dirty work. When being close to unmarked beings he may at first take a more jokester and laid back approach, simply going with the flow of whatever is going on, although not always, his humour may take on a much darker approach the longer the conversation goes on much like it does everytime he's out on a hunt. On a few rare cases, Sans may act with a façade of a twisted curiosity towards others going as far as to try to either scare them or by simply asking them questions, often about how they feel about the end, just so he can get a reaction out of those same people. Sans holds very strong beliefs about certain topics, the most important of these beliefs being about reality itself and how everything should simply not matter, he does not take lightly when this belief is questioned, showing a somewhat ignorant side of himself and trying to prove that he's the one in the right and not the person with opposite beliefs. In truth, Sans is inconsiderate of everyone's lives and thinks of them as just "in the way" simply because he knows that everything that starts must also come to an end.

Gaster is the one out of the two that is indeed able to feel, however, he does not have a clear understanding on the concept of emotions, resulting on him not knowing what he's really feeling and acting in a really primal way in the process. Most of the time Gaster acts in a very blunt manner towards everyone and everything, there is always a certain hint of rage in his voice every time he talks, he is much more easily provoked than Sans and often tends to get easily annoyed by the slightest thing. Gaster is always anxious for a new hunt, if it were for him, half of existance would probably be wiped by now, just because of the relentless anger he constantly feels. He only feels truly happy every time he's hunting by Sans' side, however, he still dislikes his constant provoking and puns but still tolerates him nonetheless. Gaster tends to dislike every time that a being picks Sans's arrow as an act of accepting their end instead of running away from it by picking his teeth.

Despite Gaster's nature, The Kindred do not go out of their way randomly attack everything they see on sight as that would go against everything both of them stand for and they're both aware of that, they would rather let others do their biggest work for them while patiently waiting until it is finally time for both of them shine.


  • Mark of the Kindred: Kindred can mark targets to hunt. Successfully completing a hunt permanently empowers Kindred's abilities.
  • Arrows of the Lost: Kindred can shot up to five extremely powerful arrows that can completely erase someone from the Multiverse if they're hit with them, however, this only applies to beings they've marked. If a being that has not been marked by Kindred is hit by these arrows it may still cause them some bad damage, however the being will in no circumstance get erased from the Multiverse itself. The arrows have bigger effects on beings that should have met their end a long time ago, "undead" beings.
  • Control Immunity: Being the essences of nothingness, Kindred cannot be controlled by other beings, no matter how powerful they really are.
  • Magic Resistance: Kindred becomes extra resistant to the attacks of their targets during a hunt, meaning even the most powerful of abilities might not even have any effect on them.
  • Frenzy Blast: Gaster is able to severely wound someone just by blasting them, this incapacitates and severely wounds the target.
  • Dread: Mostly on last resort, Kindred fires a carefully placed shot, slowing the target. If Sans attacks the target two more times, their third attack instead directs Gaster to attack the enemy, savaging them for massive damage.
  • The Call: By using this ability, Kindred is able to destroy entire universes like they're nothing, erasing everything permanently in their path. They never felt the need to use this ability as they let others do their work for them
  • Travelling: They're capable of travelling through both Alternate Universes and Multiverses a-like.
  • Reflection: Kindred's main source of strength lays dependant on the fandom itself which they constantly feed out off. The more characters creators forget about characters and the more worlds creators/characters destroy, scrape, the more powerful Kindred becomes, however, Kindred become weaker if the opposite of this happens. Because of this, Kindred cannot truly be killed by others, however, their physical form can still be destroyed by other fictional characters, but they will always reform back after a certain period of time.
  • Eternal: Because they are an Amalgamation of sorts, they're able to summon a certain number of weapons that they can use in order to defend themselves and block attacks, these range from weapons from the original Undertale cast such as Undyne's spear to straight up some Out!Codes' weapons, the possibilities are simply endless when it comes to what type of weapon they're able to summon, however, these weapons are highly unstable and don't really have any other abilities, they're mostly made out of a white substance and break easily upon contact.


  • Kindred's arrows can be dodged or blocked by shields, bones, etc with slight ease along with the rest of their abilities. However, when a being is marked by them it becomes much harder to dodge them and to evade Kindred's attacks.
  • Their abilities only become more powerful against beings that they have marked.
  • The more powerful a being is, the higher the chances are of them surviving an encounter with Kindred, however, even if they do survive and have their mark, the being won't be able to hurt Kindred, no matter how powerful they really are.
  • Kindred can only target one being at a time, they aren't able to put their mark on multiple beings.
  • Encounters with Kindred are extremely rare, they often only target the ones who've been running away for a long time, one way to counter them in the first place is to not give them a reason to come to you.
  • The Kindred are vulnerable to distance attacks from beings that they are not targeting, meaning that even a normal Gaster Blaster can cause them slight damage at least enough to stop a hunt for a slight amount of time.
  • Their regeneration abilities aren't the best, meaning it can take a while for them to heal from a certain wound which buys targets some time to reach safety.
  • Another way to counter Kindred is to outsmart them, if they're hunting a certain being that being should know that being alone is the worst option they have if the person has people that can protect them against the Kindred that's where one should go, or if not, hiding amongst crowds is the best other option as Kindred tends to avoid overpopulated areas.
  • Once a being has been marked by Kindred, the mark cannot be removed, though, it is possible to stop them from marking a certain entity but not foresee when they will be marked.




Both of them have a rather tricky relationship, Sans tends to enjoy provoking Gaster by telling him some puns and making fun of his anger issues, Gaster ends up calling Sans out of his immaturity or even insulting him back. However, in the end, they are still a team and they are aware of that.


Both have only come face to face a single time, they only shared a few glances at each other, nothing more.


Sans sees Reaper as a potential ally rather than a foe, out of all the destroyers and god-like beings that exist within the various Multiverses, Reaper is the one that has gotten Kindred's attention, thanks to how similar they are in a way, death is a form of non-existence, however, they're still not the same. Kindred is also aware that Reaper has a certain distaste for his job which may lead to some complications.

Screen Of Death!Sans

Screen is by far one of the only people that have met Kindred and came into contact with them. They are not on the best terms as they tend to see each other as enemies. However, Kindred (Both Sans and Gaster) are currently not interested in hunting Screen down either even after Screen's attempts to eliminate both of them, since they see him as an opportunity to bring more chaos and destruction into AUs. In one hand, Sans tends to enjoy annoying Screen Of Death!Sans just for his own amusement while also threatening him for Screen to burn down AUs faster, but he has never gone through with any of the threats, on the other hand, Gaster tends to act rudely towards him thanks to his own nature.


Kindred, the Sans counterpart, holds far different beliefs from Godverse's own.This leads into Sans not liking the way Godverse thinks and both provoking & questioning Godverse on the things he believes to be true and what-not.For this same reason, Kindred actually finds Godverse funny and almost as insane as him thanks to their differences, calling him delusional as a result as he is not aware of what power Godverse truly has nor of the things he is actually capable of doing. Despite not being truly afraid of Godverse, he is still wary of his presence alone, even if he refuses to show it, he still acknowledges Sans The Skeleton...? as a strong entity nonetheless and holds some sort of respect for him, which is something rare for him to actually hold such thing for anyone.For most part, even if both of them are almost complete opposites, Kindred does not wish any harm to come upon Godverse, and even enjoys his company, seeing him mostly as an ally rather than a foe.


Made by: CFlolia


  • Sans's favorite food is cotton candy, though Gaster absolutely hates it.
  • Kindred's own arrows won't have any effects against themselves, this was discovered and documented by a brave Frisk that saw Sans shooting Gaster with his arrows while laughing at him, this of course didn't end up well.
  • Kindred left a note in a cavern a long time ago, however, to whom this note was left is unknown, this note was found by a traveler and it read the following: "*there is no point of attempting to control everything around you, so why do it? in a desperate attempt for control or is it just to be cruel? everything you do, you do it because "you can..." or because you "want to..." stop trying to control the same thing you came out of pal, i may not be above you, but in the end, you are not above me either... you will always be bound by the chains of existence and so will we and even those whose footsteps have long vanished, don't attempt to say otherwise, because, in the end, the truth is the one that prevails, right?... lets dance in here, one last time..." this note was brought to the traveler's house and has been there since.
  • Out of the two, Gaster is the only one capable of feeling emotions, yet he does not understand such concept, on the other hand, Sans understands the concept of emotions but cannot feel any emotions.
  • The traveler was capable of discovering another note, "we do not bring ourselves upon worlds, ironically, we are the ones to be brought upon realities thanks to other wishes, in the very end, it will all be the same, they'll be the ones to bring us to them, but this time, in the form of forgetfulness, it will be like anything never even existed in the first place, even if it all still remains as mere shells of what were once called lifes and then, just then, our power will finally be revealed, after all, there is always an ending to everything, no matter how hard some attempt to deny it...."
  • Kindred's theme is called "Bringers of Oblivion".