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The Timeverse King. An Out!Code Protector made by Powerfuldevil12.

THEY are a mysterious character who controls the flow of time, and not many people have seen him because he goes around in his world watching everybody.



  • ATK: Omniscient
  • DEF: Omniscient
  • EXP: -100 Septillion [Will put the player back down to LV 1.]
  • GOLD:Aleph-Null ℵ0
  • HP: 1.797e+308
  • IQ: Absolute Infinity Ω
  • STAMINA: Omniscient


In the simplest way possible, he looks like king multiverse if he dropped acid on his right side of his face, and his crown was dull. Along with the intense aura, containing time [green], and empty space [white].


He is a nice forgiving person, who doesn't like to be unfair.



He has barely any ways to die, when fighting anything that isnt a godversal or outerversal being.

And usually just ends up making his opponent forget that he existed if they are in the multiverse, by reversing time by a minute or 2.

  • Time Blaster: This blaster does 10 damage per second, and never stops even when the blaster stops firing, from his KR called ES (Eternal Suffering). And if he wants, he can stop the ES.
  • Time Bone: This is like the blaster, but it does only 2 damage per second, also never stopping after the bone hits. can stop ES on these too.
  • Time Manipulation: This ability allows King Timeverse to control time in 3 ways, and to a limit. Slowing, Reversing, and Speeding up. Slowing to 1 second per 1000, reversing the opponent by 1 second per second for until he stops it, or healing his wounds slowly, and speeding himself up to at most 100x and everything looks 10x slower around him.
  • Godspeed: Allows King Timeverse to stop time for an infinite amount of time, but he isn't allowed to use any abilities that ARE NOT listed here: Time Warp, Time Shield, Martial arts, and forcing somebody to read the Spell of Time.
  • Time Warp: Allows him to teleport to any destination in any verse, from multiverse, or underverse up to godverse, and ofcourse the timeverse, and anywhere in the world hes at right now.
  • Anti-Time: This power is not something that is an attack or a teleport, it just gives King Timeverse an buff that makes everybody within a range of 5 feet slow down by 20.1% making them after about 4.975 feet they will completely freeze, so he doesn't have to move a muscle, for a time that feels to him like infinity.
  • Time Mastery: The most powerful variant of the [CUSTOM] 'Time' SOUL alteration, Allows King Timeverse to manipulate the time of anything within 1000m, reversing, fast-forwarding,stopping,or slowing down. It can also be used to seperate the shield it would give normally, if activated to crush the living being, instantly killing them the moment they even know they took even any damage. This can also be used for rewinding stats of omnipotent beings, down to as soon as they became omnipotent. [Taken and changed from Error404].
  • Never-ending acceleration: Slowly accelerates King Timeverse up to 10,000x his normal speed in 20 seconds, when he reaches this all of his punches deal 1 million damage multiplied by 1/1000th of his true damage, and people see him as a blur, while he sees them if their barely moving. This stops when he does atleast 999 tredecillion damage, or stops walking/running.
  • Time Barrage: King Timeverse will rewind time after he hits his opponent 5-10 times with his fist in any time ability, and will rewind the punches and keep making the past hits happen until it hits 1 Nonillion damage or he stops rewinding time, dealing 100,000 damage multiplied by 1/10000th of his true damage.
  • Time shield: A shield that no matter how strong an attack is, if it goes down to 0 or a negative number it instantly in 0 seconds, rewinds itself and makes the shield have full hp again, and the shield has as much Defense and HP as King Timeverse.
  • Expiration date: If King Timeverse touches somebody while thinking of a date over 10 years into the future, a number will appear over the person he touches head, and cant die until that time, unless King Timeverse kills them. making it a curse but also a gift.
  • His Flowing Haven: When King Timeverse uses this ability, the timeverse is placed around him and his opponent, with his throne behind him looking alike king multiverses, in here his stats become very low, but the opponents stats drop down to 1 atk, def, and hp. and the opponent is only able to move at 50% of their original speed.
  • Infinity Malware: If somebody enters the Timeverse without King Timeverses approval they gain this debuff, making them only able to move at 10% of the speed of their original speed and makes them have 0 defense, and 1/100th of their original HP, & this makes His Flowing Haven effect be 60% of Original speed if he doesn't think of letting them in before using it, giving King Timeverses opponent a better chance.
  • Overkill: His damage, defense, and health get boosted x10N, and his opponent cant move for 5 seconds when he uses this ability. His opponent also can only move at 25% of their normal speed, this ability requires him to have very low HP, people start to assume he has to have the exact hp of Pi for this to activate. This is passive when he reaches that HP amount. Only
  • The Time Spell: "Through Time and Space, Through Large and Wide, Whether Absolute cold, or Absolute hot, dark or sweet. I will give my destiny to the Ultimate King of the Timeverse."
  • Remnant of The Past: When he uses this ability time warps around him, making the world turn many weird colors, and a timer will appear above him, ranging from 30 seconds to 1 minute. Once it drops to 0, a perfect clone of King timeverse will step out of a green portal, and will do anything that the real one tells him to do. he has the same powers as KT, and doesn't seem to have any emotions. It dissapears after 5 minutes. They both are capable of doing things at the same time, but it has serious side effects if they do. power is split between them, so their stats are 1/2 of their true amount.
  • Lecture of Time: If somebody reads the Time Spell, all of their powers get strengthen'd tenfold, and are under complete control of King Timeverse, and have to follow their command, even if it kills them.
  • Master of Time: If the one under control dies, they come back at King Timeverse's feet with 1000x strength than before reading the spell, becoming one of King Timeverses servants, a Master of Time.
    • Link for Master of Time buffs and attack changes (depending on who the 'servant' is.) will be made later, since I need to get some sleep, and Have 1 more servant to make.


He is a very nice person, and wont use alot of his attacks very often, as they do alot of damage.

His Memory is not very good, as when he watches people, he only remembers 2 or 3 of that persons abilities. High IQ doesn't mean good memory.


Timed Multiverse

[The Fusion of King Timeverse and King Multiverse]

Infinite Time Sans

[The Fusion of King Timeverse and Time!Event Sans]


Time!Event Sans (Ally)

As somebody else who can use time to their advantage, he likes Time!Event sans, even if he has only seen them once, or twice.

Error!Sans (Enemy)

As Error is a destroyer, and King Timeverse's job is to protect the AU's and other verses secretly, he is KT's enemy.

Ink!Sans (Friend)

As a fellow protector, and Creator of AU's, King Timeverse respects Ink, and sometimes even visits them.

Dream (Friend)

Another fellow Guardian/Protector of the Multiverse, King Timeverse respects them, as they are hyper, but not a insane amount.

Swap!Sans (Neutral)

Yes, Swap may be a protector/gaurdian but... They get on King Timeverses nerves, King Timeverse still respects them though.

King!Multiverse (Ally/Friend)

Out of nowhere, King Timeverse found himself in a place that looked like the Timeverse, but... more white, and yellow.. He saw a throne, and felt a bit confused. Then somebody got up from the throne, and walked up to him. He looked just like him but he was...normal..Then they had a nice chat, and became friends, and after awhile King Timeverse left to go to do his daily watch of the multiverse, and they have had sparring matches aswell, neither could win because of Timeverses kindness, and him being King Multiverses friend.

Error!404 (Enemy)

King Timeverse despises Error!404, since he is the reason King Multiverse doesn't have free will, and because he also trys to take control of King Timeverse, thinking King Timeverse is Inferior.


Deus ( His Left Hand)

Right Hand is TBA