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KingUltra!Sans Is an Out!Code created by Kelon15. He serves as the New Ruler and Omni-King of the Entire UnderTale Multiverse in the Future. He's the one in control of the new gods, such as Radiant Sans, Regret Sans and Time!Chara.


He was created when He was thrown into the Code of Sea and His Body started to Change and It change His magic as well and He became the new King of the Undertale Multiverse and He controls the Rest of the Gods in the such as Radiant Sans, Regret Sans and Time Chara and He now Sit's in his Throne and Make Sure the Rest of The Gods do Their Job in the Mutliverse. He now watch over the Multiverse and Control/Command the Gods in the Multiverse.



He is very Calm and Relax and He like to tell the gods how to do their Jobs in The Multiverse but sometimes He like to eat chips and Ice Cream.


He wears A Red with a Dark Black Jacket and a Grey Crown


  • God Command: He can command the gods
  • Mega Gaster Blasters: He use Big Massive Gaster Blasters
  • Soul Chain: He use a weapon called Soul Chain that can grab People Souls
  • God Control: He can control the gods as well.


Radiant Sans (Servant)

He like Radiant because he is very nice and He do his Job as the Creator/Protector of the AUs

Regret Sans (Servant)

He have a hard time commanding Regret Sans

Time!Chara (Servant)

He like How good is Time Chara at His Job as Keeper Of Time.


  • He Is the New Ruler of the UnderTale Multiverse
  • He control the Gods
  • He Is the Supreme Ruler
  • He Is nicknamed the Omni-King of the Mutliverse
  • He control the Gods and They listen to Him Some of them do