Template:Infobox characterKit is an Undertale AU. Character created by Jadesplat9. He is the main protagonist of Undertale: Infinity. He is the embodiment of HOPE.


Kit is a teenaged human. He has yellow hair with a golden streak. He wears a yellow hoodie and blue jeans. His eyes are golden. When merged with Vex, his right eye is changed to silver, the streak is also silver, and his jeans fade slightly.


He is generally upbeat, but when his AU is destroyed, he becomes serious, and does whatever it takes to protect other AU’s. He then becomes merciless, and will completely destroy anyone who tries to harm other AU’s.


~ HOPE Magic ~ Using his SOUL magic, he can heal, travel through AUs, and use fire magic. He can also summon swords he calls ”SOUL Sabres”.

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