Kiwi is from KTale. He spies on the protagonist throughout the game. He always seems to be in a grumpy mood and can be seen grumbling to himself with a badly drawn thundercloud above his head to indicate his mood. He sometimes seen carrying a chainsaw and likes to scare people. It's unknown what put him in his current horrid mood.


He speaks few words and wants to avoid people. He's described as rude. He refuses to be in a good mood. Even when he is, it does not show often.


Small human with bright red eyes and a blank expression on his pale-skinned face. A grey/purple thundercloud is usually seen swirling and hovering around his frizzy, lopsided scarlet-red hair (his hair is sometimes seen spiky). He wears a jet-black jumper with dull purple stripes in a similar pattern to Frisk's with a pair of stormy purple-grey shorts and a pair of red boots. (He was originally designed as a cat by Wendy Ann Gardner but it's not certain.)

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