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Kris Water is a wandering Out!Code by DemonBoyHalo. He is a teenager who is currently traveling through different dimensions and universes, and having various misadventures along the way. He often does so with his friends, some being real and some being characters in role playing games. He looks uncannily similar to Kris form Delatarune.



Kris usually wears a green sweater with a large yellow stripe in the middle, paired with black pants. He has yellow skin and brown hair very similarly to Kris Dreemur.


Kris can be aggressive, especially to people hurting his friends. He is the most kind towards Liz out of all his friends, but other than that he can be very quiet and conserved.


  • Determination Sword - The user creates a sword made out of pure Determination.
  • Determination Knife - The user creates a knife made out of pure Determination.
  • Heal - The user speeds up body recovery for it or one of its allies.
  • Trait swap - The user swaps their SOUL trait. Water Kris can use this ability to switch to Kindness if they're shown the right amount of it.


  • Kris Water hates himself for Max's death
  • Astral is the opposite of Kris, at least in terms of personality.
  • Most of Kris's friends do NOT exist other than characters in role-playing games