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Krotos is an Human Out!Code created by Harvey7Demise. He is a human from Wisetale who's the 7th fallen Human after Chara. He's now banished to the white Void.


Before Krotos fell to the Underground he lived happily with his family but one night his parents were arguing about whether to keep or give away Krotos's siblings. Krotos and siblings sees the interaction but resulted in their father killing their mother. Krotos demanded to his siblings to go to Mt. Ebbot as he will meet them there as he then confronts his father. The father tried to reason with his son but Krotos says there was no excuse for killing his mother and in return he kills his father. Krotos then went to Mt. Ebbot to find his siblings but he then finds a yellow cowboy hat just near a giant hole with no end. Krotos looks down at it but he then trips on a vine and falls down screaming his head off.

Krotos is the seventh forgotten human that fell down the Underground and he is looking for his siblings that might have fell down the Underground. Krotos eventually stumbles into Toriel as they met in the Ruins but Krotos eventually found out that his siblings were murdered by the Mountain King Asgore. Krotos demanded Toriel to let him pass but she refused not willing to see another human die which resulted in them reluctantly fighting. Krotos hugs her forgiving her as she hugs back as Krotos assures she tried her best and he wouldn't harm the person who is so kind and generous towards him. Krotos stays with Toriel for a bit longer but then he left as he quietly confesses and then said his farewell.

After Krotos left Toriel he is then ambushed by a tall skeleton but he luckily escaped with his life. Krotos then fights and severely injuries most of the monsters he encounters. Krotos enters and leaves Snowdin village. Krotos soon encounters the tall skeleton again and fought against each other but Krotos outsmarted him as he pierced an arrow through the tall skeletons body. Another skeleton that is shorter and wider, teleports and accidently announces their names in front of Krotos. The tall skeleton is Gaster while the wide skeleton is Sans but Krotos warns them to not get in his way or they will perish.

The skeletons teleported as Krotos continues his journey fighting and wounding more monsters that cross his path. Krotos made it to the Last Corridor on his third day down in the Underground. Krotos encounters Sans once again but before they fight Krotos announces his name and is determined to beat Sans. The battle is grew tiresome for Krotos but he is then trapped by Sans using his blue bone attack. Sans won the battle but Gaster reluctantly demanded him to let Krotos go. Sans hesitated but he complied with Gaster's orders as they both teleport out of the Last Corridor. Krotos angered by his defeat still continues on his journey but he then stumbles upon seven graves as one is open while the others were closed. Krotos out of curiosity opens the graves only to find his family's corpses inside. Dread clouds Krotos's mind as he sits for a while mourning them. Krotos left the building stating his last farewell to his siblings as he then enters the King's throne room.

Krotos sees the King but as he is about to shoot him the King persuaded him to sit down at the dining table. Asgore wondered why is he here but Krotos answers by showing a picture of his family and it is abundantly clear why Krotos is there. Krotos then asks about what happened to his children and Asgore reveals to him that he is the father of Chara and Asriel Dreemurr. Krotos understood Asgore's actions but he could never forgive what he has done to his family. Asgore then leads Krotos to the barrier saying their final words to each other before they fought. Krotos and Asgore fight in brutal fashion using their weapons and it escalated to a brawl but in the end Krotos defeats Asgore, but before he could deal the killing blow Gaster appears behind him and puts a hand on his shoulder teleporting them to the Determination Extractor room. Gaster overloads the Determination Extractor sacrificing himself to stop Krotos. Krotos then curses Gaster before being obliterated by a white light as the world turns to white. Krotos sleeps in a white void as he is banished from returning to his AU.



Gaster and Sans speculated that Krotos's soul is either Patience, Perseverance, Bravery or Determination. They guess that his soul is Perseverance, but this is just speculation.


Krotos is a young feminine adult who is a male with a slim physique, his general appearance is that he has hazel eyes and long light brown hair that extends all the way down to his back. Krotos wears a long dark coat with many pockets and straps added on as they outlined in grey. Krotos also wears dark walking trousers along with grey fleece and boots. Krotos appearance is quite undistinguishable from another person or monster's perspective as they can't determine whether he is male or female. Krotos carries a large backpack around him that contains survival kit as well as a bow and arrow to protect himself.


Krotos's personality is quite calm and relaxing even witty sometimes but when challenged he is quite adaptable, cunning and perseverant. Krotos has an elder mentality as he acts more wise and mature than his age shows but once he losses something dear his personality becomes bitter and cold, even using profanity once he his enraged. Krotos at first was kind, caring and understanding towards Toriel but once she he steps out of the Ruins and into Snowdin he becomes ruthless, unempathetic and bitter. However throughout his journey Krotos tries to be good although he brutalised his opponents he told the Snowdin Shopkeeper that they are wounded outside of the village and they needed help. Krotos tries to persuade Gaster and Sans to not cross his path and he will spare them but they did not heed his warnings. Krotos's goal is to kill the King so he can never harm any human again by any means necessary.


  • Archery: Krotos learned archery ever since he was seven and practiced for years as mostly never misses his shot.
  • Boxing: Krotos's father is a fan of boxing and teaches his son how to defend himself. Krotos learned boxing ever since he was ten but he also learns mixed martial arts to expand his arsenal.
  • Adaptability: Krotos mostly went hiking with his father travelling in hot and cold conditions whilst carrying a heavy rucksack everywhere they went. Krotos's father taught him in boxing how to anticipate how is someone is going to act and what he does to counter or avoid that action. The father helps Krotos with his endurance putting him through tough conditions but over the years Krotos adapted learning all he could from his father.
  • Hiking: Krotos hikes with his father most days travelling mountains, town to town and through forests which resulted in him having a higher walking distance than most humans could achieve.


  • Lack of Stamina: Krotos cannot fight for vast periods of time and tries to fight as quickly as he can otherwise it could lead to his defeat.
  • Lacking persuasive skills: Krotos tries to reason with Gaster and Sans but comes off as arrogant and threating which escalated into them fighting.
  • No Mercy: Krotos although well-versed on the art of boxing and mixed martial arts does not show any empathy for any monster that attacks him. Krotos becomes unempathetic, brutal and merciless as he does not try to find another way to resolve the conflict. The only exception was Toriel.


Toriel (Lovers)

Toriel at first was friends with Krotos showing him around the Ruins and solving it's puzzles. In the end they become lovers having an intimate experience in Toriel's bedroom but before Krotos left Toriel asked him to be good which he responded that he will try. Toriel exhausted fell asleep as Krotos covers her stating his farewell. Toriel forgets about Krotos after the conclusion of WiseTale.

Gaster (Enemies)

Gaster as soon as he encounters Krotos ambushes him but Krotos escapes. Gaster monitors Krotos learning his weaknesses and how to stop him but he became desperate and injects large amounts of Determination into him and teleports to the barrier and back with Krotos. Gaster sacrifices himself to stop Krotos using the Determination Extractor to trap both of them in separate voids. Krotos curses and resents Gaster denying his revenge, but Gaster does not like or dislike him, he just did his duty in stopping the human from causing any more damage.

The Snowdin Shopkeeper (Friends)

The Snowdin shopkeeper is terrified at first but then she genuinely warms up to him giving him food. Krotos apricates her kindness and in return he tells her to call the emergencies to save the monsters he has wounded. The Snowdin Shopkeeper confused why he would tell her but Krotos responded with 'Because that’s what it takes to be good.' Krotos said his farewell to her and left but she respected Krotos and hopes he meets him again. Krotos also respected her and hopes one day to repay her kindness.

Sans (Enemies)

Sans despises Krotos as he severely injures many monsters that crosses his path and hurting his friend Gaster. Sans has a couple encounters with Krotos, one where he saves Gaster from his doom and the second where he meets him at the Last Corridor. Krotos warns him but Sans ignored his warning as they battled. Sans understood Krotos's weakness and exploited them as he uses the blue bone attack to capture the human and wins the battle. However Gaster demanded Sans to let him go and return to the lab which Sans reluctantly did. Krotos fears and respects Sans because of his cunning and tactics as he is not afraid to fight dirty, but Krotos is disappointed that they had to fight knowing there was no other choice.

Asgore (Enemies)

Asgore's first encounter with Krotos is depressing as he is reminded of his actions by killing the six other humans who fell down the Underground then Krotos reveals that he is their brother which horrifies Asgore. Krotos resented Asgore for what he has done but Asgore completely understand how Krotos felt as told Krotos about his past and revealing he is the father of Chara and Asriel Dreemurr. Krotos shocked by the revelation then understands Asgore's motive but nevertheless he still resented him for taking children's lives is the greatest sin a person could commit. Asgore felt no spite towards Krotos and hopes that he does kill him to be reunited with his children in the afterlife. They had nothing left to discuss and they both enter the Barrier. Asgore stated farewell to Krotos but he promises Asgore that he will reunite with his children soon enough.

Violet (Sister)

Violet gets along very well with Krotos and normally asks for help when she is having trouble figuring out a subject. Violet is inspired by Krotos so she preservers in achieving her dreams so she can prove Krotos that she is worthy enough she no longer needs his help and she helps him instead. Krotos is proud of Violet striving for her dreams and helps her any way he can as he hopes one day she will surpass him.

Sapphire (Sister)

Sapphire admires Krotos for his honesty and being himself as she wants to be confident as her big brother. Sapphire wishes that many more people were like Krotos and the world would be a better place. Krotos admires her determination and her honesty but wishes she could ask for help more often instead on relying on herself.

Amber (Sister)

Amber is the rival to Krotos as she wishes to win against him in boxing or martial arts just once. Krotos likes her bravery but tries to teach her patience so that one day she will beat him. Amber normally falls out with Krotos every time he wins but secretly admires him for teaching her boxing and hopes one day she will defeat him to prove to her brother that she is strong.

Aqua (Sister)

Aqua enjoys Krotos's company just generally making small talk. Aqua intrigues Krotos by asking very deep or complex questions as he answers as best as he could from his experience. Krotos enjoys her asking very complicated questions but wishes she can a bit more productive. Krotos also admires how patient Aqua is not giving into anger easily and uses a silver tongue to persuade people in resolving conflicts peacefully.

Emerald (Sister)

Emerald aspires to be like Krotos to be kind, caring, and understanding towards others. Krotos commends Emerald's kindness as even he is not as empathetic as her. Krotos helps Emerald however he can and hopes that one day she can make the world a better place by just being kind.

Garnet (Brother)

Garnet is the only brother to Krotos but wants to be as strong Amber, kind as Emerald, and as perseverant as Violet. Garnet wants to prove to Krotos that he can protect others so he strives for justice. Krotos understands Garnet's ambitions but he wishes Garnet didn't always see in black and white and has a better understanding that the world isn't about heroes and villains rather about people surviving on a cruel world.

Dom (Father)

Dom is the father and mentor of Krotos as he teaches him boxing and mixed martial arts to protect himself. Dom takes Krotos hiking on most of their days to strength his endurance. Dom is proud of his son and is shocked when he is killed by him. Krotos used to admire his father but ever since he killed his mother he despised him for such a selfish, sinful act that he has committed.

Jacqueline (Mother)

Jacqueline is the mother of Krotos as she normally helps Krotos any way she can. Krotos apricated her mother for being so caring and understanding as he usually asks her for advice. Jacqueline is proud of Krotos for being a good brother and helping them out as best as he can. Jacqueline wishes Krotos to be a good man throughout his future.


  • Krotos loves dogs as he always wanted one or two.
  • Krotos's favorite type of dog is an Alaskan Malamute.
  • Krotos is an Anti-Villain because his goal is to kill the King so no more humans get killed by Asgore, however he will use whatever means necessary to reach his goal even if he has to kill monsters that stood in his way.
  • Krotos tries to be a good person but always make villainous actions when facing monsters that opposed him.
  • Krotos's birthday is on the 7th of July the same day WiseTale is created.
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