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Kurutami is a cryptic Out!Code created by Artivoke. They lurk around various AUs, with their main goal being to cause as much suffering as possible within the AU’s residents. Their name stems from the Japanese word for suffering, 苦しみ (Kurushimi) and the Japanese word for pain, 痛み (Itami).


Kurutami was a creation by Dr. W.D. Gaster, in an alternate timeline. W.D. Gaster created him for experimental purposes, to test how something would function with a twisted mind. This eventually led to W.D. Gaster’s inevitable demise, falling into the CORE. Kurutami had broken out of his cell and brought havoc throughout his lab, eventually shoving W.D. Gaster, making him fall and his SOUL scattered throughout time and space itself. Kurutami then went off to terrorize the rest of the Underground, giving the Monsters slow, painful, and gruesome deaths. This eventually drove the surviving Monsters to hiding from his wrath, in hopes that Kurutami would grow bored and flee the Underground. Little did they know, Kurutami would find and slowly but surely kill the last remaining Monsters. Kurutami, with his powers gifted by W.D. Gaster, manifested a red portal, and once he passed through, he was in a completely different AU. He brings pain and suffering to any AU they come across, until Ink!Sans would finally take a stand. Ink!Sans had appeared in an AU that Kurutami was wreaking havoc on. Ink!Sans grabbed Kurutami at once, manifesting a portal to the Anti!Void, and threw him in. The portal closed, and Kurutami has been there ever since. All of his attempts to manifest a portal has failed, and so he waited, and waited, his mental state slowly descending. Years later, a rip opened in the Anti-Void, fortunately for Kurutami. He swimmed out, and landed in a new AU. With his mental state in shambles, the only thing he knew was to kill everyone slowly and painfully, and leave no survivors. Once he had wiped out the AU, his mentality had returned to its former state, he had become more stable, and he continued the gruesome cycle to this day.



Kurutami looks similar to a demon, having red skin, white, shaggy hair and horns. He wears a black, bloody turtleneck with dark gray pants having a gold stripe across it, similar to Sans. His sclera is a yellowish-white. (a similar color to unkempt teeth) and his pupil being blood red. Small nostrils act as his nose. (you could compare him to Moxxie from the series Helluva Boss if you wish)


Kurutami is very sadistic and cruel, and reaps joy from the pain and suffering of others. He has a dark sense of humor, and only is friends with people that hold the same views as him, like Error!Sans.


  • Portal Manifestation: When Dr. W.D. Gaster made Kurutami, he had not realized he had accidentally granted him the ability to manifest portals to different dimensions. If only…
  • Flight: Kurutami’s main way of transportation is by hovering above the ground. This is to avoid wearing out his feet, although he is completely capable of using his feet to move around.
  • Fire Magic: Kurutami is able to manipulate fire magic, making him almost invulnerable to fire attacks, as he will absorb it into his SOUL and release it back, more powerful than before.



Error!Sans is Kurutami’s friend, sometimes being partners in destruction. They became friends when Error!Sans heard of his destruction, and decided to find him. They had become friends ever since.


Ink!Sans is Kurutami’s main target, yet he’s never managed to catch him. They are rivals because of Kurutami being banished to the Anti-Void by Ink.


  • Other Japanese names for the character had the possibility of being chosen, but Kurutami was ultimately picked,