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Leader Sans is an Out!Code created by Deus Elick. After finding Soul of Judge, he ended up completely erasing Chara from his AU. He is one of the survivors in Unweaktale.


Leader Sans used to be Classic Sans with the real name Exer. In his AU, when the 8th person falls, that person is Myo. A few years later, Chara fell to the Underground. Chara killed many people and tried to kill Exer and Myo but they ran away. Chara continued to kill anyone she saw and Chara killed Myo while Myo was hiding in Snowdin. Exer is heartbroken to hear the news and is determined to kill Chara. But in the end, the one who died was Exer. Then Chara press RESET

And continue to the 9th Genocide. During this genocide, Exer recalls the previous reset. Exer begins to sense a source of power outside the AU. When searching for its source, Exer found Soul of Judge. Exer is empowered by Soul of Judge. Exer immediately returns to Snowdin but discovers that Myo has been killed by Chara. He decides to kill Chara once and for all. Exer succeeded in killing Chara and nullifying Determination's ability. After that, many terminators appear and intend to destroy UnweakTale. Exer sees this and stops the destroyers


Transformation Forms


This form is activated when the Exer is provided with code from the Main System. This form is very dangerous, possibly the only form he has complete control over. The Exer in this form has full control over the space around him. However, this form has a weakness that when meeting a pure soul, he will weaken. On the contrary, he is stronger when he meets a evil soul. This form grants Exer twice his normal speed and the ability to deal incredible damage to those around him. This form also has a strong regeneration and almost refuses to die


FATALMAX is an extremely powerful form that the Exer can only control 50% of. This transformation can only be achieved when the Exer is near death. During the transition, the Horizons send their code to the Exer and combine it with the Main System's code. This increase in power allows the Exer to destroy anything he wants. Give him full control over all abilities similar to his. This form can DELETE anyone or anything with just a fleeting thought. He also has a pair of wings that allow him to fly at a speed that surpasses all supreme perception. Not only that, the eye on the wing also shoots out a Tesla Ray but has removed the condition to shoot the first ray, this ray is strong enough to cause a series of Multiverses to collapse in an instant. There is a downside to this transformation, when it ends, the Horizons will get all their code back along with the Exer. This means that once Exer's war is over, he will die instantly

Enhanced Ability

While in this form, Exer's abilities will be enhanced in strength, characteristics, and goals. It's really dangerous because he has changed his own Skill to make it easier to kill you


LAST is an entity that resides inside Exer. It was born when Exer was determined not to die at all costs to see his loved ones happy, especially Myo. LAST displays a brutal and violent reaction to his enemies, treating everything as trash and he only needs Exer's closest people to live. LAST will take over Exer's body when he dies, this way he has full control over Exer's body. After taking over the Exer's body, LAST will absorb all the code from various places in the Judgeverse. This increase in power allows LAST to destroy anything in sight, even a Horizon, and gives him complete control over existence, reality, space, and time. LAST's power made all of Exer's normal skills more deadly. He is strong and semi-almighty in every way. He can kill with a single thought and can fly with his wings at unlimited speed. The eyes on the wings can shoot rays that destroy enemies in different ways (simply experiencing countless different ways of dying at once). When LAST is defeated or tired, LAST will lose control of Exer's body, after which Exer will come back to life

Death Eye

LAST's eye sockets can inflict pain on enemies in different ways at once with a single glance of LAST. This pain persists until LAST wants the person to die instantly in all respects


Exer wears a white jacket with black stripes on the sleeves. Jacket's hood is white with beige fur. The back of the jacket has a large Omega (Ω) logo. Inside the jacket is a black t-shirt. He wears the pants like Classic's pants but white with black trim. He wears black shoes when he goes out and slippers when he is at home. His eyes are red (right) and yellow (left). There are black cracks under the eye sockets since owning Soul Of Omega. He always wears a yellow heart locket with Myo on it. His Mainton is yellow and red


Exer's Personality

Exer is kind and not lazy. He always presents himself as an obstinate person. Thanks to Gaster and Toriel's tutelage, he became an outstanding scientist. Know everything like Swordsmanship, Martial Arts, Science and more. Along with his inventions, he helped Underground thrive. When he first met Myo, Exer fell in love with Myo from the bottom of his heart. He is also an excellent leader

LAST's Personality

LAST is a strange entity that resides inside Exer. In the process of manipulating Exer's body, LAST always seeks pleasure by spreading chaos and pain in others. Born of Determination combined with Exer pain, LAST became the sower of chaos and pain. But contrary to that, LAST was quite good with relatives or friends of Exer. Many people think that LAST is a scheming and cunning person


  • Non-Affect: Maintons can remove all sorts of effects of abilities such as cables, taking over bodies, bending the laws, copying and more. Maintons can only be created by selected Maintons
  • Anti-SOUL: When Mainton dies, they can respawn shortly after. They will lose their souls and they will rise again. Their abilities will become more deadly as those abilities will be upgraded to make it easier to kill enemies. However, Anti-SOUL can only be used once
  • Increase Power: After Myo died and the 9th Genocide ended, Exer upgraded Mainton. This ability gives Mainton a 200x increase in net strength, increasing stats and abilities
  • Cable: Exer can create cables and use them to catch and break SOULs. Exer can also control enemies by tying them up like puppets and then controlling them. It will bind enemies very quickly. It's nearly impossible to break these cables
  • Copy and Paste: Exer has 2 buttons, COPY and PASTE. The COPY button helps him to copy any material, this copy is perfect. Included with COPY is PASTE, this button is used to create things copied by the COPY button
  • Tesla Rays: He can shoot a beam from his finger with tremendous damage. When shot at matter will cause matter to collapse to the subatomic level. Shooting at an entity will cause the entity to die instantly. Its destructive power is estimated to be able to destroy a large number of Megaverses at once
  • Leader Blasters: Leader Blasters are large dragon skulls that can shoot powerful beams. It fires a large beam with small sub-beams that automatically aim at enemies. The scale of the devastation can affect space, time, reality. It will destroy about 3 Megaverse easily. When shooting at matter, the matter particles will completely disappear. When fired at an entity, it will suck up the enemy's code causing the entity to die completely, if the entity has no code it will steal the skill and kill the entity completely
  • ERASE: This is an invention of Kingret Gaster after Toriel gave birth to Exer. This button can delete anything but an entity (if the entity is weaker than the user, it can still be deleted permanently). Exer usually use ERASE to delete AU quickly
  • Multiverse Gate: Exer can create portals of any size, allowing him to travel through any point in time (although currently immutable) and space in any world
  • Unknown Strength: He can lift more than 4 Megaverse with 1 hand at the same time without any difficulty
  • Omega Speed: He moves with lightning speed, so fast that the enemy is not even aware of his presence. It seems to ignore all laws of space and time


Kingret Gaster (Father)

Exer respected his father very much. It may be due to the educational environment and the merits of his father. Gaster is also a teacher who teaches Exer many things about science

Myo (Girlfriend)

Exer and Myo had a good relationship in the past and found each other one day in the Ruins, becoming close and closer ever since. They spent many years together until Myo was killed by Chara. And now she is Myo


  • He likes mango, jackfruit, guava, watermelon, banana, and durian
  • He doesn't like to eat animal organs
  • Exer always knows how to kill immortals
  • He likes to eat fried bananas
  • He used cables to make his jacket, which makes his jacket very durable
  • LAST really has many abilities other than Death Eye
  • He has the ability to react very quickly