lizzie is a sad and lonely character in the [[1]]AU and a cousin of Amu, she is a fanmade character and oc of the original lizzie from undertale. her appearances to underfell lizzie. But has black hair and she wears a sleeved school shirt and has a red bow tie in the top,and a black and white skirt and also is bearfeeted(sometimes she wears shoes). She is bullied and teased by [toriel|Alterfell toriel], because her boyfriend [sans|Alterfell sans] broke up with her for toriel. Now she is bullied by other aus such as Fell sans, or [Papyrus|Swapfell Papyrus] and fell! Lizzie. They would call her a dandere and bullied her badly.


alterfell lizzie looks like lizzie from undertale. But more different than her, she wears a sleeved school shirt with black and white skirt and always sad and bullied too.


Alterfell lizzie is the most saddest and lonely of the [[2]].

She doesn't like to be with people, or talk with them because she is too scared they will laugh at her or bullied her.

Her only friends are [[3]], [[4]], and [[5]], and [[6]], and [logaster|Emotionlesstale logaster], and aliza(horrortale). Because they are danderes and kuuderes like her because they get bullied and teased by other Aus.