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Lucy is the adopted sister of Ryed and Maes. She travels the AUs with them.


Lucy had fallen into the Underground through the trash chute. Her future adopted brothers found her being brutually attacked by two Royal Guard Members. Since she was only four, they tore her away, and let her stay with them. She has resided in their home ever since.



When in their main AU, they live in Snowdin, so Lucy usually wears a faded pink scarf (the scarf acts as 3rd and 4th hands), light red sweater, dark grey pants, and black boots. She also is extremely malnourished, since her parents were rather abusive towards her. Her brothers are trying to get her stronger.


Lucy is rather shy, and will usually hide behind her brothers', or in Maes' jacket (since he's a frickin' giant). UF Undyne once kidnapped the child, torturing her for days. She's been extremely jumpy ever since.


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Since Ryed is usually working in the Royal Guard, they don't talk much. But they are still very close.


Her eldest brother. He babysits the human during the day, and lets her hide in his jacket when there are strangers. They bond the most.

UF Undyne

We..shouldn't mention those times.