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MASTERCODE!SANS from undertale Timeline Genocide

Create by CODEGUY TH

MASTERCODE!SANS is Out!code sans from undertale timeline


MASTERCODE!SANS is Out!code sans from undertale timeline genocide that chara control frisk and genocide for more than 1000 times but this time is unnormal

this time the timeline is got eaten by a bug only sans and frisk(chara form) survived time is geting worst both of them got stuck in the viod and the bug is appear in the void sans try to stop the bug but he fail,he fall in to the bug and slowly got infect by a bug,the creator see him and want to help sans but his power cant stop the bug he give sans the power of the code.the bug havent infect sans but it didnt gone,half of sans body is got eaten by a bug.frisk see him and jealous him,so the creator create chara body and revive asriel so chara is happy,the creator sent chara and asriel to a normal timeline.sans want to help another timeline or another universe that get destroy by a bug or the bad guy.sans has to learn his power by his self.he learn how to make choco from the creator and sans like it.he change his form and the travel begin.


OVERWRITE(can change only status like revive someone cuz he didnt unlock his full power)

Omega Gaster Blaster(giant gaster blaster so powerful that can make instant died sans use it only the person who powerful than him)

Gaster blaster (looks like a normal gaster blaster but stronger[190 damage])

Green bone (use to detect and stop the bug or error)

blue bone (100 damage)

bone (100 damage)

Nexus Slash ( A giant damage slash [1000+ damage] sans use it only the person who powerful than him)

Normal Slash ( A small damage slash [100+ damage])

CODE (the power that can change the code or re write the code)[sans has to unlock his full power to use it]

Nexus Beam [sans shoot this beam from his hand[1000+ damage] sans use it only the person who powerful than him

Full story of EP.1

sans travel to Omega timeline to check that Error is not going to destroy it.sans saw his monster friend in his timeline,he walk in to papyrus and hug him that papyrus didnt got eaten by a bug.papyrus said why sans leave them,sans told his friend every thing and sans saw chara and asriel that chara and asriel is here too

sans is not alone anymore.he has his friend and family in Omega timeline,sans say goodbye and continu the travel.sans met CORE!frisk fortuitous he talk to core frisk in everything he saw core frisk say ''so we can be friend,right?''sans say''yes''and he travel with core frisk to save the timeline that is in danger

.....to be continuu.....