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Malware!Sans is an Sans Out!Code Created by Randomusernameisthis. He's a Sans who has his world destroyed by Error and been accidentally infected with a malicious code. Now what he does is protect AU'S and destroy some useless ones that are dying. Though when it comes to his evil side, he destroys AUS for LOVE.


The past of Malware!Sans is quite strange... First it all began with Malware!tale, a pacifist timeline. Malware!Frisk was at the core while sans was in snowdin. When later, he saw Error!Sans going to destroy the AU. They both noticed each other and they both started to fight. Malware!Papyrus had accidently caught up into the fight and.. Ink suddenly came. By accident, Error slipped some of his code into Malware's body forcing him to gain extra abilities, even awakening a evil side. With the fighting continuing, since there was more than 1 sans the timeline was unstable figuring out which was the original Malware. Then a white blinding light flashed in Papyrus's and sans's eyes. Then as they saw, the world was gone. Before he could get to Malware!Papyrus Error took Papyrus into the anti void. Never to be seen again. Full of rage and anger, he never was the same again.

He has made friends with some sans's which are, Ink, Dream sans, Anti-virus sans, Swap sans.

Not much has changed, though he made a new world, something that should no one enter unless it was his friends and brother. He called it, "The walls of the Multiverse" This name is indeed what it says, the walls stretch for miles invisible to others. How he made this is currently unknown, though some suggest he hacked the code and re-constructed something. Inside the place was strings, souls from his evil side. And then theres a strange entity, which was made by engraving Malware's soul into a seperate consciousness of his own. He can only see it, he can only talk to it, hear it, and touch it. He uses it just to get his loneliness off his mind.

He has tried to kill Error many times even though a force has stopped him to the point where he trys to find the force, He figures out that someone was watching him the whole entire time and called him the watcher. Though as his consciousness entity whom he calls Osirick, tells him that it must be Error!404. Though malware shrugs it off as a theory. He is currently aware of the greater gods, Infected, King Multiverse, Omnipotent. He cannot get into the anti-void because it exists nowhere in his teleportation/portal summoning. He can only go to it if Error accidently left a portal open to it. If in, he can exit out with his portal but never come back with his portal abilities since again it exists nowhere. Malware has some sort of control of his evil side.



Malware has transformations that only can be used for a justified act.

Corruption Form

This form is where his DT and monster magic combine to make a true new form. This form allows him to raise his atk and def.


This form is where his anger and hatred got too much to the point where the anger and hate take over the soul of Malware and gives him a new form.



  • LOVE: 13
  • ATK: 143
  • DEF: 129


  • LOVE: 20
  • ATK: 199
  • DEF: 240
  • HP: 400,000


  • LOVE: ??
  • ATK: 400
  • DEF: 600
  • HP: ??


  • HP: ??
  • LOVE: ??
  • ATK: ??
  • DEF: ??


Half of Malwares body is grey while the other half is white. His eye colour is green and bad time eye is purple. He wears a glitchy hoodie with stripes of black strings going down across it, matching the colour of his strings coming out of his eyes. His shorts are replaced with long pants that are grey. His slippers are white because of the glitchy effect.

Evil side appearance: Eyes become red and orange. Bad time eye is now Dark blue, This time his jacket changes to white hoodie with grey dust on it. Stripes are now Grey with more stripes. Pants are now Filled with dust.


His appearance mostly is white with his jacket being fading red colour. His eyes are now purple with his bad time eye being red. His powers are unexplainable.


Hoodie is black. Eyes are White and red. Pants are red, Bad time eye is Red/purplish. He has an aura around him that is black.


Malware is mostly broken, filled with anger and sadness. Though that is engraved into Osirick's soul, Malware is mostly silent with cockiness. His true intentions dont show unless its someone who is a real threat to him and his entire existence of reality. His true intentions are to give someone a bad, painful and worst ending possible to them. He takes exaggerations as something to argue with though really he is just joking around. His evil side has a bit bad turn for personality, he will not regret anything he does. He wants to give people suffering and destroy them until he feels satisfied. LV 20 may be the max but actually he has broken that limit and in truth he is above level 99. The stat checker will always mark him as lvl 20 which will annoy him at most times. He goes far if he feels defeated by a weaker enemy by crushing the bones and making them suffer, until they had enough and if the enemy still persists he will kill them. His evil side still has the same goal as the good side of Malware, to kill Error once and for all.


Malware!Sans has alot of abilities.

  • Object/Liquid Manipulation: He is able to manipulate liquids or objects within a range of 100M and is able to bring or fling them. He can use them against enemys in his will.
  • Movement Reading/Mind Reading: Malware can read movement and minds. Making him able to dodge much better and know what will come next.
  • True Malicious Blaster: This Blaster was made by Malware!Ominous whom died in a 'accident' in the Malware universe. This is able to destroy and tear out souls from anything. The damage does at least 9999 and uses 99.01% of Malware's stamina. This is only used at a last resort.
  • String Manipulation: Malware can control his strings in any shape of form to use against the opponents.
  • Finger Laser: Malware can shoot a laser from his finger able to kill anyone lower than 250 hp and stamina with 150. It is able to freeze anyone if normal hp and normal stamina. The freezing will last about 15 seconds.
  • Dead Undead: This ability allows Malware to come back if dead. This is because of his soul, made out of 59.124% determination which is stable and the rest of his soul being Monster.
  • Speed boost/Precision boost: Malware gains an incredible amount of speed and precision skills.
  • Blasters: Malware uses Blasters that can spin/ auto aim or aim at someone. They were made by Malware!Ominous and are able to auto sense the enemy. Since the blasters are sentient they can be as friends to Malware.
  • Soul Manipulation: Malware can control the soul of the opponent and does 3 damage.
  • PR: Pr is poison Retribution which does 4 poison damage.
  • MR: MR is Malware Retribution, this ability can manipulate the stats of the opponent by making them weaker. Until they reach their "Base" stats

Corruption form

  • SLR: He is able to mess around with worlds, able to save and load.
  • Corruption: With this power he can corrupt the opponent and delete them from their entire existence.

HATE form

  • HATE strings: Hatred strings when touched makes the opponent slowly lose hp with them becoming weaker and weaker.
  • HATE Blaster: Hatred blaster Kills instantly if touched, though this insta kill can be avoided if there is an opponent ability with light feelings and hope feelings for example Dream!Sans can avoid this.d



Very close together and likes to trick papyrus.


He cant seem to remember alot about him but the only thing he remembers is that Malware is friends with him and used to be a scientist with him. The rest is unknown...


Malware knows Ink very well and tends to watch him just in case something goes wrong.. They usually go find Error to see what he's up to


They both know eachother very well, however Malware stays away knowing that his Evil side could kill dream sans without him knowing. They usually go together if theres something wrong with a Universe.


They both have a trust-worthy relationship and they both have tried to stop Virus!Sans during their time in the multiverse. Though because of Virus!Sans's skills they weren't able to stop him.


Malware makes sure that Underswap never gets harmed and stays away from him so that he doesnt get harmed by his evil side. He watches Swap!Sans ever since Error tried to eradicate the universe.