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"You did it doc, you created ME..."
– Maniac talking to W.D. Gaster

Maniactale Sans (aka Maniac!Sans) is an OC that originates form Maniactale created by Pxel0ndy. this out-code OC can travel trough AU's and many more. it was created while Pxel0ndy was drawing it and this sans came into his mind.


It all began with the resurrection of doctor Gaster, after his successful experiments sans managed to bring back Dr. Gaster. Afterwards, people immediately remembered who he was and he went back to his normal position: the Royal Scientist. With his position he made sans the co-scientist to thank sans for bringing him back, everyone was proud of him: his brother, Undyne everyone! of course, Gaster and sans found out the amalgamates, Gaster built a machine to bring them back he tried this for years and finally he did it but they were made out of bones they were still in good condition they sent back them to their families explaining everything. Alphys was very happy anyway with his massive knowledge he found the save point and he found out that all monsters had one! but they were not determined enough to access these save points and may potentially get out of the underground but... where could they find a powerful source of power, Gaster decided the human. sans was did not agree with this he didn't want the human to get hurt so he tried to convince Gaster there was another way but he couldn't the doctor had already sent guards to get frisk. sans saw the doctor start up the D.T extractor, the one thing which caused all this mess in the first place he, he tried to stop Gaster but with no result the guards have put frisk in the extractor already! to save frisk he jumped at the extractor right when it was starting and... Gaster cleared the smoke he was confused where did frisk go he thought only to see a hand climbing up from beneath the extractor, he thought oh good he's alive! but there were cracks over his skull which resembled the cracks on Gaster's skull, his pupils were red and looked like they were pumping like heartbeat and he looked furious. he said:"I told you to stop why didn't you listen?" Gaster replied with:"sans?" sans said:"answer me!" while creating a red Shockwave as big as the entire underground. Gaster said:"I thought that I was doing the good thing..." he was getting scared. before he managed to do anything sans attacked and puncture Alphys's heart of her chest with his hand Gaster immediately sent the guards out for him, sans killed both of the guards without much effort, Gaster fled spreading the word that sans had gone mad. Undyne went out to find sans he found him while he was murdering two people in Hotland and immediately attacked but before she knew anything even happened she was laying on the ground turning into dust. the next was papyrus he was faster and immediately cut off his head and licked off the blood on his fingers and then there he was standing before snowdin he smiled and slashed his axe that created a shockwave which cut of everything in snowdin, no survivors were found afterward. and there he was standing before wd gaster, "you did it doc, you created ME..." he said before chopping gaster in half in one single slash from his axe. in a blink of an eye he was in a white room with no end, what we call the anti-void a familiar-looking ghost showed up and said:"I'm sorry sans but I can't let you destroy anymore."little did he know that the ghost was the ghost of frisk, he stayed trapped in the anti-void for 7 years until he finally did it he broke the walls of the anti-void he escaped seeing au's all weird and different from each other.



madness by stivvvvENNOK


he wears a blue jacket with with two slashes on his chest that are always bleeding. he wears black shorts with white stripes and pink slippers. he has cracks all over his skull which makes him look like insanity sans, he has other cracks that form a shape that resembles the cracks on gaster's head. he wears his brothers scarf on his right arm to remember his brother. he wields a large axe that can do many powerful things.


Completely insane, tries to attack anyone who he doesn't see as an ally.


his weapon is an axe, its almost is always covered in blood. some of these abilities can only be done with the axe these abilities will be marked with a (w)

  • blood bones: summons bones but these bones give karma even if you have never killed anyone, they do double the amount of damage of normal sans bones.
  • madness blaster: gaster blasters that are at least 5 times more powerful than normal blasters their lasers can cut trough stuff as strong as the barrier and such.
  • mad slash(w): the same as Dusttrust Sans phase twos attack patterns but it can be even more spammed and does twice as much damage.
  • blood zone: creates a zone that slowly starts glowing and then shoots up in the air like a beam doing massive damage.
  • blood heal: he can use the blood of his enemies to restore health, if he consumes enough blood he can use one of their abilities for a limited amount of time.
  • sanity manipulation: the name says it all he can make creatures around him go insane and make them feel emotions such as fear.
  • presence: even just his presence is enough to bring fear to creatures this aura of fear is even bigger than nightmare's.
  • mind torture: if you are close to him he can make you feel the all pain that you felt in your life again, just at the same time and he really enjoys doing this.
  • extreme agility: he can run faster than a car and he can easily catch you if he does well... he can also jump as high as the eiffel tower if he wants to he usually jumps normally tho.
  • infinite stamina: he can run for a whole month without getting tired so getting away if he is onto you is very hard.
  • mad slash(w): he makes a slash with his axe that can cut about anything, he can also turn this slash into a giant projectile or a shockwave.



unstable and maniac are good friends and never attack each other even if they are insane. they even formed a trio named "the Lunacy Time Trio" with insanity!sans as their leader.


insanity is a good friend even if insanity kinda hates him they don't argue much and they have a lot of similarities.



they are enemies its that simple.


the ghost of frisk that tries to fix maniac's problems so he can finally stop destroying and become sane again.