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Matrix is an Out!code Protector created by E0XWILLOWHISP. She's a skeleton Monster who originated form an AU destroyed by Error. She later befriended Ink, and dedicate her life protecting the Multiverse.


Basically, matrix comes from an Au called,"Undertale Chaos Edition" which was destroyed by error... after finding herself in a blank AU, she got stuck for a few days, which is how her eyes melted.After a few days, ink found her and hung out with her for a bit. They ended up escaping the blank AU and went their separate ways in protecting the multiverse.



Matrix wears a white jacket with grey patterns on the sleeves, a blue hood, and a heart pattern on the front that is half blue, half orange. She also wears brown finger-less gloves, brown boots, a dark blue shirt (which is not visible  under the jacket), and jeans. Her left pupil is an orange ring while the right is a blue circle.


Matrix is a very protective and understanding person. She  gets a bit overprotective of AUs and characters to the point of taking hits for them. She doesn't come off as menacing or evil in the slightest.


  • AU hop: can transport them self and others to different AUs
  • Bones and Blasters: Classic bones and custom blasters (Matrix's blasters are limited to two blasters)
  • Knives
  • Broken: Her soul is stuck in the alternation of being broken and being intact

Notable Quotes

  • "It's only a game until something takes a turn for the worse..."
  • "Truth is, with the way I see the multiverse, the multiverse is made up of Alethaphobes..."
  • "I've seen what you could do... There truly is no stopping ya, huh? Welp, Imma do whatever I can to stop you, YOU DIRTY BROTHER KILLING ALETHAPHOBE!!"