Mephis Plumera

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Mephis Plumera is an Darkner OC created by Doc Melonhead. He’s one of the twin Chimera Plushies that were separated later on. He now resides in the Card Kingdom, as a Dark Candy Farmer.


He was a one of a pair of plush toys purchased by a Hometown Lightner and were brought to life within the abandoned school closet when the Dark fountain erupted. There he live his days as a Dark Candy Farmer, raising and harvesting food for the inhabitants.



A small Plush toy wearing a navy blue overalls over a sky blue shirt. He have curly dirty blond hair and yellow skin. He have Claws for hands, Bird feet’s, a scorpion tail, and a pair of fish fins for wings.  He also have pointy ears and sharp fangs.


He’s well verse in regards to farming and growing plants, yet he’s simple minded in terms of everything else. He hold pride in this crops and will defend it form those who wish to harm them before its harvest. He’s also have somewhat of a laid back personality.


  • Sleep Stinger: Use his tail to put his enemies to sleep.
  • Claw swipe: Slash foes with his extendable claws.
  • Chili breath: Breaths burning flames on his foes.


Phemis Plumera

His long lost twin brother.

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