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Minerva is an Out!Code created by Alphasaith and is due to debut in Undertale Rho. Born in the Nexus, she (along with her barn owl companion, Koykoyvagia), oversees the Multiversal Archive known as the Library. There, she collects and guards an infinite array of information of the Undertale Multiverse and its AUs. It was because of that, she’s often been referred as “The Librarian”.


Born in the fringe areas of the Nexus to a poor, indebted family, Minerva is a highly intelligent, extremely patient Human who seeks knowledge. When she was born, her family sought to give her to a more successful family so that she may have a chance at a truly worthy life.



Minerva is a middle-aged woman, reaching about five-and-a-half feet in height. She has an oval-shaped face with fair, silky skin; bright, keen grey eyes; and short, semi-curly dark-brown hair. She wears glasses; a purple, gold-trimmed shirt with a white sash over it; green, gold-trimmed bracers; blue pants with a green skirt over them; and brown leather boots.


Minerva is a highly patient and curious individual. Above all, she values knowledge and the acquisition of knowledge, willing to do just about anything and/or go just about anywhere just to learn something new.



A sentient owl that acts as Minerva's companion, Koykoyvagia is a research and archival assistant and friend to Minerva, and also one of the guardians of the Library. He is highly suspicious of anybody who enters the Library, other than Minerva herself.


Main article: Rhosaith

Minerva is highly fascinated with Rhosaith, utterly baffled by her origins and power. Despite this, however, Rhosaith remains an enigma to Minerva.



  • She is the mascot of the Undertale AU Network, and is the face of the Network's DeviantArt account.