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Mosquire, or Count Mosquire as he refers to himself, is a mosquito monster living in New Home. Rather than blood, he sucks the magic of monsters until they reach the point they dust. He usually lures his victims by promising them riches. He is the Underground's number one most wanted criminal, although noone knows he is the infamous killer.



Mosquire has a humanoid shape, similair to Muffet, but has the tube-like mouth a mosquito posesses, which he uses to suck up magic from his victims, and blood-red eyes. He wears a cloak similair to the ones vampires are usually depicted with, and a black hat.


Mosquire is cunning, deceptive and cruel, never showing mercy. He is addicted to the magic of other monsters and gets severe withdrawal symptoms without it.


He can suck up the magic of other monsters, and quite possibly the determination of humans as well.


  • Mosquire is based on Dracula and Jack the Ripper.