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Mourelai Blook (/ˈmôrâllai bluːk/) and Ardabur Blook (/ ˈærdæbrr bluːk/) are a couple of ghosts that own a small sale of fresh snails and ghost spices at Home, being one of the few monsters that still inhabit the region. They are [w:c:undertale:Mettaton|Mettaton's] parents.



Different from other ghosts, they both have a slight more anthropomorphic physical, although still not having legs. Their have energy constructions on each side of the torso that resemble arms, which are filled with a pair of gloves. Mourelai uses a crimson blazer and Ardabur wears a gray sweater-like shirt.


Mourelai and Ardabur shares a grouchy and strict personality with everything and everyone, usually sharing a negative vision about the "things that break their family's standards" (e.g: fusing with a corporeal body and faking physical damage).

Mourelai is grumpy and snobbish, tending to discourage others with her acid opinions with no remorse due to her superiority-believing thoughts. Ardabur is a hardly good mood to see, having a very vengeful deamenor and usually beliving that "violence can be always necessary".


As ghosts, they both can levitate; nevertheless, Mourelai always seems to keep her physique pinned onto ground. They also most likely have a limited yet uncertain ability related with energy constructions since their "pseudo-arms" are made of it.



Mettaton is the couple's son. Although they seem to have a apparently positive outlook on their son, Mourelai believes that he could have done better with his future, despising his choice to become famous and "overshadow the image of his family away". Ardabur heavily dislikes his son's current image and don't like to speak about him, being implied that Mettaton and his father hold a broken and unstable relationship.

Napstablook and Mad Dummy

Mourelai and Ardabur appears to share a negative view towards Napstablook and his enraged cousin since both of them were been doing out-standards-like things since Mettaton and Napstablook went to live at Waterfall. 


Mourelai did not approve Mettaton and Alphys early relationship, seeing her as an awful influence for their son. Ardabur also reveals that he and her wife no longer let Mettaton attend their house in Home since their son got his robot body.