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Multiversal Web!Muffet is an Out!code version of Muffet that has used the seven souls (including Frisk's) to take over her AU. After years of tyrannical rule, she became insane and destroyed her world. She then went on and started trying to conquer the Undertale Multiverse, becoming the tyrannical mad queen of the AUs she took over. She is considered a major level tyreat by the AU Ptotectors.


In an anomaly that was created from Undertale by an unknown cause, Muffet killed Frisk and absorbed their SOUL before they could load back. At first, they were going to use it to make Asgore help freeing the Ruins spiders, but during her trip to the castle, the power went to her head, and she wanted more. She and her spiders ambushed and killed Asgore, and she took the other 6 SOULs. She then broke the barrier after killing all the monsters and devouring their dust, as killing Asgore felt good, and she wanted more of that feeling, and to grow even stronger to enslave the surface. After many years of controlling the surface as a tyrant, the LOVE she got from the many killings she did in that time made her completely insane, and she slaughtered the entire non-spider population of Earth. Due to the many SOULs she absorbed during this period, she managed to discover the existance of the multiverse and how to access it.

A long time after, she has many AUs trapped in her web, most of their timelines completely killed off and the rest used to breed more food for her. After many efforts, the area she gouverns has been put on lockdown, and while she tries to expand through it, her conquest now stagnated.



One SOUL absorbed

In the short period she had only absorbed Frisk's SOUL, she was a more monstrous version of her old self. Her limbs were disproportionally long, and functioned more like spider legs. In all of her forms afterwards, her eyes are blood red.

Queen of Earth

After she absorbed the other 6 human SOULs, she transformed herself into a more beautiful version of her normal self.

Conquerer of the Multiverse

When she became insane with power, the many SOULs she absorbed transformed her into an abomination. Her teeth have grown into fangs, and her middle arms grew in size and now end in sharp points. Her legs have now been replaced by 8 spider legs. Dust and blood constantly cover her body.


She is completely insane, with no compassion at all. The only beings she is kind towards are other spiders that have joined her cause. She has a constant desire for food and cannot function properly without gathering increasing amounts of LOVE.


Axetale Muffet

Axetale Muffet is considered her "bottom right hand".

Underworld Muffet

She finds Underworld Muffet's teapot appearance "amusing and cute", and treats her like a pet similair to her own.


Main article: Dealmaker!Spamton

Spamton, being another AU conquerer, had tried to ally with her in the past, but barely escaped with his life as she refused.