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Myo is an Out!Code created by Deus Elick and belongs to the Judgeverse. Myo was a servant of god before falling to the Underground. She was killed many times by Chara. In the 9th Genocide, her code was scattered throughout the Judgeverse. Decades later, she was reincarnated as a Protector


Myo was born at AU UnweakTale at a time when the war between humans and gods was raging. Myo's father died on the battlefield when Myo was very young, forcing their mother to raise the child alone. When Myo was eight years old, Myo's mother was arrested. From then on, Myo had to be a servant of God. After an unsuccessful attempt to kill a god, she was about to be killed but she escaped due to the human uprising. Myo fell to the Underground. She met Exer (when Leader Sans was Classic). One night, while witnessing Myo's arrival at Waterfall, Exer went to Myo's place, where she told her past story.

As Myo was telling the story, Exer felt that a new human had fallen into the Underground. Exer and Myo teleported there. Witness all the evil that Chara causes. Exer and Myo run away. Myo hides in Snowdin but is killed by Chara. That went on until the 9th Genocide, she was killed but this time was different. With the code scattered throughout the Judgeverse, it was almost impossible for Myo to do anything about it. In addition to seeing things through scattered codes. She fell asleep. After many decades, Myo began to be reborn. Her codes have been battle reassembled, recreating almost everything except the shape. She was reincarnated into a random AU

At one point, Myo ran into that Serena. They quickly became friends. Then Aghast Sans comes and destroys that AU. Myo, Kiubi, and some others escaped from the AU. While they were floating in the vacuum between the AUs, Exer appeared and saved them. After going to UnweakTale, Exer finally confessed his feelings for Myo and officially became a couple



Myo is often seen wearing a white shirt with turquoise stripes. She wears turquoise shorts. She has short white hair. Her eyes are turquoise blue. She always wears a heart medallion with Exer on it. Since she has Mainton, she has a blue Mainton's mark on her chest


Myo is a cheerful, kind person and always wants to take care of people. Myo does not want to destroy AUs like Exer, but to create conditions for those AUs to change in a more positive direction. Myo can communicate in MORSE and many other languages, often making jokes using vocabulary from other languages. Myo never wants to fight anyone, but she will defend herself if necessary


  • Non-Affect: Maintons can remove all sorts of effects of abilities such as cables, taking over bodies, bending the laws, copying and more. Maintons can only be created by selected Maintons
  • Anti-SOUL: When Mainton dies, they can respawn shortly after. They will lose their souls and they will rise again. Their abilities will become more deadly as those abilities will be upgraded to make it easier to kill enemies. However, Anti-SOUL can only be used once
  • Increase Power: After Myo died and the 9th Genocide ended, Exer upgraded Mainton. This ability gives Mainton a 200x increase in net strength, increasing stats and abilities
  • Reset: Myo can simply press a button, changing the results for each AU on the fly. For incomplete AUs, the node speeds up the completion of those AUs. For completed AUs, this button will be able to completely reset those AUs' timelines, taking full control of its timeline
  • Eye Of Time: Myo's eyes can see the past and future of any place even though she is not there. Help her find excuses to debug some AUs. Those eyes also help her travel through different timelines through time portals. She can also retrieve objects from the past or future. If she goes to the past, no matter what she does, when Myo returns to the present, everything will be the same
  • Gate Anywhere: Myo can teleport anywhere through the portal. Go to a higher level of reality, to another AU even another Multiverse. These portals can also be used to obtain items
  • Time Blaster: The white blasters fired a beam of turquoise like its eyes. In addition to the main ray, there are auxiliary rays with equal strength to the main ray. This ray is capable of completely erasing all entities with God-like, Virus-like or malfunctioning characteristics (removing them completely from Space-Time, Reality, Existence and more) . It will overcome any ability to actually kill the enemy as if they were a weak human. It is estimated that it can destroy 1 planet with 1 Blaster as small as an atomic particle
  • 2D Lines: She can create 2D white lines. These 2D white lines are currently unknown how they were summoned (probably from nowhere). These 2D white lines can only be seen through a certain direction of view. It can cause serious injury, cutting out almost anything including reality, spacetime and more. This 2D white line is capable of completely erasing all entities with God-like, Virus-like, or malfunctioning characteristics (removing them completely from Space-Time, Reality, Existence and more)
  • Telekinesis: One of Myo's most commonly used abilities, Telekinesis gives Myo the ability to make enemies or objects move. While affected, enemies have limited movement and can only be observed
  • Memory Manipulation: She can distort and erase other people's memories at will. This ability was judged to be superior to other memory-related abilities. This memory manipulation manipulates all entities weaker than her
  • Protective Forcefield: She can create force fields to protect herself or allies within a certain radius. In this radius, you seem safe as most attacks won't be able to penetrate this force field


Exer (Boyfriend)

Exer and Myo had a very casual relationship in the past. Exer always values Myo's life because Myo is the one Exer loves. They officially became a couple after Exer saved Myo in the vacuum between the AUs

Kingret Gaster (David) (Teacher)

Myo considers David a respected teacher. Myo met David after she was led home by Exer


  • Her Heart Locket is usually hidden in her shirt because she takes it very seriously
  • Originally, she had no name. Myo is the name Leader Sans gave her