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Napolite is an OC created by Eliascore. She is a young neapolitan-flavored ice cream monster currently training to become a Royal Guard. Despite her dream of becoming a Royal Guard, Napolite is known for being rebellious, rude, and often times even lazy. Still, she tries hard when she wants to train, and hopes to honor her older sister by being as good as her on the job.



Before her sister's death, Napolite's life was as normal as could be. She still greatly admired the Royal Guard, but at the time her dream was instead to become a performer. She was born in Snowdin, and as much, was much less used to Hotland's extreme temperatures, unlike her sister. She melted easily and had to retreat to Waterfall or Snowdin as quick as possible. She also used to be far more polite and kind when her sister was still alive. Napolite was in Snowdin when her sister died in Hotland; As such, it would take a little while until she found out about her passing. When she did find out, however, it deeply traumatized her and, even in Snowdin's extremely cold weather, she still melted as a result of her depression.


The Royal Guard was in a crossroad when Napolite's sister, Cherry, had died - They both had no parents, with Cherry acting as Napolite's older sister AND a mother figure, which meant that, with her passing, Napolite had no parental figure to look after her. After a while, it was decided by Undyne that she would become a Royal Guard trainee so that everyone could look after her. Napolite, in fact, reacted to this decision with glee - she always admired the Guards, especially because of her sister, and with Cherry's passing she could take her position, thus, according to Napolite, not let her death be in vain - Though, a year later, she would be officially adopted by RG 01 and 02.



Napolite is a light brown monster with pink and yellow accents. Her head has a horn, and is shaped to resemble a bobcut. Her hands and feet are blocky, and she has no fingers or toes. She also wears a green cape and short green "leg warmers". Napolite's face is also quite unique - she can switch her eye for a mouth, and her mouth for an eye.


Despite her name, Napolite is very rude, snarky, dismissive, and rebellious. She enjoys doing whatever she wants, and tends to ignore any scolding directed at her. However, she cares deeply for her friends, especially the Royal Guard, and tends to react to negativity towards those she cares for with violence. She also absolutely despises the idea of people eating ice cream, and reacts with disgust or disappointment when someone does so.



Cherry, Napolite's older sister, was an incredibly important figure to her even after death. Because Napolite never met her parents, Cherry cared for her like a mother from day one; As such, they were extremely close, and at times, Napolite could even be seen as dependent and clingy towards Cherry. Because of Cherry's incredible strenght and intelligence, she quickly became a Royal Guard, and as such was even more protective of Napolite than before. Napolite admired her greatly, and even though her original dream was to be a performer, she also liked the idea of becoming a Royal Guard and fighting alongside her sister - though, at times, Cherry disliked the idea because she feared Napolite could get seriously injured if she did become a Royal Guard.

Cherry's death affected Napolite to the point she could barely function for days after her death; It was sudden, traumatizing, and despair inducing. However, knowing it would not be something Cherry would like, Napolite decided to walk even without her sister, finally learning to become her own person and growing independent, eventually deciding to become a Royal Guard to honor her now-deceased sister. This, however, also came iwth a minor setback - Napolite took her own advice too far, and eventually became the rude, snarky ice cream monster many know her as.


Because of Cherry, Napolite was way closer to Undyne than most Snowdin and Waterfall residents. After Cherry's passing, Undyne had decided to become "Napolite's new big sister", inviting her to cooking lessons and general teachings about "becoming independent", which more often than not resulted in them causing havoc and wreckage. Undyne and Napolite care a lot about each other, and Undyne was even originally against the idea of telling Napolite about her sister, as nonsensical as could be, because she feared about what ti could do to the poor young monster.

Royal Guards

Napolite also enjoyed the company of the other members of the Royal Guard. She liked to pet Lesser and Greater Dogs (though Greater Dog often times pounced on her, much to her dismay), greatly enjoyed the company of Dogamy and Dogaressa, and she also had fun messing with Doggo, by moving and freezing in place erratically. She was also very close to RG 01 and 02; She liked 01's more friendly and outgoing personality, and hung out with 02 quite a lot because his general shyness meant she didn't have a headache from too much talking. Even before they got together, she saw both of them as minor parental figures. After she was adopted, she even became overprotective and dependent at the same time - she often threatened violence if she felt the two of them could be in danger - much to their own dismay -, and likes jokingly threatening other kids by telling them her dads will "beat them up".



  • Napolite's favorite foods are Cinnamon Bunnies, and her least favorite foods are ice creams, and anything that could resemble one, such as popsicles and gelatos.
  • Her weapon is a huge, sharply-spiked metal ball connected to a chain.
  • Napolite can have two mouths or two eyes at the same time, though having two mouths prevents her from seeing properly, and having two eyes completely prevents her from speaking.