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Navella is a female human out!code created by RDS as the protagonist of the Soulshift AU. She's a human gifted with an artificial, yet very powerful, soul; created by the sacrifices of her friends. After defeating Ultra Chara, who destroyed her original world, she left that plane of existence and became an AU protector.


“Once long ago, before human and monsterkind were split, two scientists started a project on developing an synthetic soul to bridge the two races. Their plan was to be kept a secret from all society until finished… as misuse could spell disaster. Once war broke out, the scientists were separated, and the project was abandoned.


The artificial soul project is dead, but the scientists left their notes. Six orphans and took it upon themselves to finish the project.

Eventually, they had successfully created an artificial human soul… But there was a problem. It was unstable, and had two energies…


and HATE.

It also possessed a powerful, but potentially dangerous ability… The ability to seamlessly absorb other souls, almost as it was hollow. With nothing left to lose, they placed the soul in the body of another human and joined with it, giving up their freedom to save their dying friend… 


Their sacrifice was not in vain, as not only was the girl saved, but the synthetic soul they had fused with her own became stable enough to persist. But she developed abilities… unnatural:

  • Inhuman mobility and reflex,
  • Regeneration
  • Magic

Then… she could hear the voices and project the consciousness of the souls she absorbed. She could talk to her friends again.

Soon, she senses an otherworldly power, and realizes the balance of the multiverse is at stake. Thus begins her journey across the AUs… across the Underverse.”



  • HP: 175 for Normal, 150 for Angel, 200 for Demon
  • ATK: 150/125/200
  • DEF: 150/175/120


Unlike Ink, who only cares for the AU's themselves, she cares dearly about the inhabitants of the AU's she defends. Despite her origin, she is quite cheerful and caring. Her friends', being bounded to her by soul, can also speak, through separation and possession.


Her soul is unique in the fact that it has more than seven energies, which is normally the limit. If her pink or black side completely overpower the other, she will assume an alternate form: either the Angel of Love or Demon of Hate. The Soul pin on her head, along with the crystal she wears, function as an indicator that she's about to transform. Her soul will also shift in state for the duration of the transformation.(get it?)

  • Soul Absorption: She can absorb the souls of both Monsters and Human, as well as release them. This is part of why she's so powerful; after Chara destroyed her world, she asorbed every soul in it. That not only includes the entire underground, but Earth's population of 7+ billion. Most of the OutCodes, including Ink and Error, presume her relatively normal stats are the result of her holding back.
  • Soul Rejuvenation: She can fix damaged souls or reforge destroyed ones via crafting. Once, she made an entirely new soul, for SoulShift Asriel.
  • Jack of all Magic: She can fly, regenerate, and use all magic a monster can, even techniques used by god-beings such as Asriel Dreemurr.
  • Soul Alliance: In combat, her friends' souls can separate from her and take on a form of their own. Due to being in the presence of magic constantly, her friends' souls have turned into wizard souls with their own abilities and elements.
  • Soul Fusion: Soul Guardians with special bonds can use power-share to fuse with one another, creating a being with the combined stats and abilities of both, as well as a special fusion weapon. Fusions will only last as long as the connection holds.
  • Angel Mode: All attacks now inflict Charm, which subdues foes and makes them do less damage. If Charmed enough, her foe will lose the will to fight and will spare automatically. Her magic is improved greatly, and she can use any and all magic without limit(Removed TP limiter). Her shields are unbreakable. As love is a compassionate emotion, this form allows the use of power share and healing/buff abilities. Her personality also changes to be even more bright and cheery.
  • Demon Mode: All her gimmicks and techniques are thrown away for raw speed and power- suited for killing. This form is easier to break her out of. BUT she cannot deform on her own in this form, her friends have to pull her out of it. Shields are useless against her. This form cannot use powershare or buffs. Her personality also changes, making her more violent. "You have to understand, sometimes... there IS NO M E R C Y."
  • Regen: She heals 5 HP every second in Normal/Demon form, and 10 HP a second in angel form.
  • Save: Navella can create and place Save Points that she and the guardians can use. However, these function more as re-spawn points than saves- essentially rendering Navella and the Guardians immortal as long as a save is active. They cannot be destroyed either- they auto-reflect projectiles and trying to hit it with melee makes it use an unblock-able counter. Note that the counter can be dodged, but not blocked.

Allies & Relationships

Soul Guardians

The Soul Gaurdians are Navella's childhood friends, and her closest allies. Most of the time, they are separate from Navella herself, and can be long distances away from her. They all have 150 HP and when defeated will go Down like in Deltarune. If not revived quickly, via an item or healing, they will either retreat to Navella's soul to rest or respawn at a save point.


  • Trait: Patience
  • Ability: Time Slow
  • Element: Ice
  • Personality: analytical and takes things slow. Skilled at dodging, with a counter. Adan's younger sister.
  • Age: 15
  • Weapon: Patient Knife
  • ATK: 60
  • DEF: 120
  • Passive: Revive timer lasts twice as long before timing out.


  • Trait: Bravery
  • Ability: Charge/Armor (Always go first, Anti Flinch)
  • Element: Fire
  • Personality: confident and hotheaded, but cares about his friends, especially Emily.
  • Age: 20
  • Weapon: Brave Gauntlets
  • ATK: 150
  • DEF: 30
  • Passive: Can survive normally fatal blows with 1 HP.


  • Trait: Integrity
  • Ability: Gravity Manipulation
  • Element: Water
  • Personality: Intuitive, and honest.
  • Age: 15
  • ATK: 90
  • DEF: 90
  • Passive: Can detect lies, disguises or ruses, and use special ACTs like True Check.


  • Trait: Perseverance
  • Ability: Range, Suppress
  • Element: Poison
  • Personality: Strategist and Book worm. Skilled in alchemy.
  • Age: 18
  • Weapon: Persistent Notebook
  • ATK: 90
  • DEF: 90
  • Passive: All attacks deal poison damage.


  • Trait: Kindness
  • Ability: Heal
  • Element: Nature
  • Personality: Kind and caring. Serves a motherly role of the soul family.
  • Age: 17
  • Weapon: Kind Pan
  • ATK: 30
  • DEF: 150
  • Passive: Kat and nearby allies regen 3 HP/sec.


  • Trait: Justice
  • Ability: Range, Karma
  • Element: Light
  • Personality: Quite similar to his Undertale Yellow Counterpart.
  • Age: 17
  • Weapon: Just Gun
  • ATK: 120
  • DEF: 60
  • Passive: ATK increases based on opponent's LOVE.

Fused Guardians

  • Emily + Adan: Brave Patience
  • Kat + Alexi: Kind Integrity
  • Clover + Batte: Persevering Justice


Navella and Ink!Sans often cross paths on their travels. They trust each other and are quite close friends. He sometimes teases her though, quickly turning her into a blushing mess.


SoulShift's version of Asriel, who wears a rainbow cloak. Is essentially Navella's 'left hand man'. Similar to his Undertale counterpart, except stronger thanks to the Polysoul's influence. His soul contains the essences of the normal 7 souls(not the guardians), as well as a never before seen eighth trait Purity.


Navella's 'right hand man', and her primary monster ally. His soul is imbued with Justice. Has durability similar to Ultratale Sans, and never tires out. His AT and DEF are also 10 as opposed to normally 1. His personality is just like Undertale's Sans, and he never fails to make the team laugh with his puns. When close to defeat, he uses the Spirit of Justice to transform.



Soul Guardians

Soul Shift


  • All the Guardians have a special effect when using certain items, notably a full heal and enhanced effects. Instant Noodles instantly heal Emily to full, the Legendary Hero heals Adan to full and grants 35 ATK instead of 4, the Starfait is full heal for Alexi as well as a speed increase, Bisicles/Unisicles full heal Batte, Pies increase Kat's stats by 50 as well as letting her use them 3 times, and Hotdogs full heal Clover and buff his ATK by 30.
  • Kat sometimes makes spagetti with Shift!Papyrus. It's actually kinda good.
  • The SoulShift cast all live in a giant pocket dimension mansion. There's a portal hub in the basement which Navella and her friends use to travel to the other AUs.
  • RDS didn't create the base sprites for the Guardians; only Navella. The souls' sprites are actually from Underbros Animacion: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-5F2JVSVuxLkCKH4u6f8NQ