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"I might as well be a hideous, yet terrifying abomination drenched in blood or sewage, the way the so called Great Multiverse residence treat me."
– Necro!Sans to Ink!Sans, during a confrontation.

"That plenty of easy for you to say. You're everyone's hopes and dreams. The only one who ever accepted me was my Papyrus, and his dead now!"
– Necro!Sans, to Dream, when Dream accidentally provoked him.

Necromantic or Necro!Sans is a wandering Out!Code created by Darksirrolottoe. Necro!Sans originates from the once existing Au known as NecromanticTale or NecroTale for short, but was destroyed by Error!Sans, which Necro!Sans swore to kill one day. He has been traveling the Multiverse for thousands of years and has killed a tremendous amount of alternative Undertale characters (who were foolish enough to get in his way, or idiotically tried to pick a fight with him), all of which he killed mercilessly and with no hesitation, whatsoever. Despite not capable of Destroying AUs, his murder streak and anti-social attitude have grant him infamy across the multiverse.


Early Life

Necro was experimented on by Gaster, who was studying Necro to see why he Necro was so pathetically weak. Gaster was practically just torturing Necro with his experiments. Necro only made matter worse, by destroying important documents, but did it so that his younger brother wouldn't have to get experimented on, like Necro. Unfortunately the experiments that were being done on him always got more painful, the more he destroyed something of importance.

Years went by. The experiments being done on Necro only grew more numerous and more agonizing.

And then Gaster just disappeared. It is unknown rather if Necro killed Gaster or if it had to do something with the Core, that cause the sudden disappearance of Gaster, but there is no evidence that the Core ever had an accident, not is there any proof that Necro killed Gaster either.

Free of the agonizing torture Necro went through. Necro took Papyrus and left the evil place behind. There were mistakes with Necro's plan though. They had technically nothing with them that could keep them alive and no shelter that could protect them from the cruel environment of Darkend. (The Snowdine in NecroTale) What they did have was just a old and ripped jacket from Sans(which he gave to Papyrus), clothing, and each other. Nothing more then that, but even with technically nothing, they kept each other company. Sans did his best to keep Papyrus happy, comfortable, and hopeful. Sadly, that couldn't be said the same for Necro, since he lost those capabilities, during his time with Gaster. So he faked it. He lied to Paprus, so that Papyrus wouldn't have to worry and stress for Necro's safety, unlike Necro who always had to, all because he cared and loved his brother.

Then good lucked occurred to them.

Mid Life

A Royal Scientist known as Alphys, has been observing Necro, taking a interest in him, due to his abnormal amount of intelligence and how he could create objects with his surround material. So she called the Royal Guards to escort Necro to the Lab.

When Necro was confronted by the Royal Guards, he couldn't do anything, but follow them to Darklands(the Hotland in NecroTale). When Necro realized they were leading him to the one place he swore never to go back to, he still couldn't do anything but follow the Royal Guards, and there was Papyrus too.

When Alphys and Necro met, Alphys offered Necro a place within the Royal Scientist. Necro reluctantly agreed, but not for him, but for Papyrus. Unfortunately Necro couldn't watch over Papyrus himself to often, but fortunately, someone volunteered to watch over Papyrus for Necro, while Necro was away, and that someone was Grillbys. To show his thanks, Necro bought a restaurant for Grillbys(which Grillbys' always dreamed of doing himself one day).

Necro though grew tired of working in the place where he was tortured at, so he retired from being a Royal Scientist, so that he could watch over Papyrus himself.

Years later. The seventh human has fallen into the Undergrounds.

Life with the Human

(You should note that not much was known about his relationship and his history with the human, but during his time with the human, that's when his Au was destroyed too)

The human known as Frisk was the seventh human to fall into the Undergrounds, they were a pacifist, who wish not to harm anyone, although Necro didn't trust them nor did he like them either, but shortly after their first meeting to each other, the human and a certain flower disappeared without a trace of where they could have possibly disappeared to.

And then the Undergrounds alarm went off. Necro during the time was at his sentry station that was relatively close to the Ruins. Unknowing of what was happening he teleported to Darkend Town to get Papyrus. But what he found instead was another skeleton,(and noticeably shorter then Necro) but Necro also noticed a red scarf in front of the skeletons feet. Instantly realizing that it was Papyrus' scarf. Necro began to attack this skeleton, not just for self-defense, but to also bring revenge for Papyrus, but was quickly defeated, and was left to die, but as the skeleton started to walk away. Hate filled Necro, pushing him back up, but before he could do anything, his Au collided with a void, known as the Death Void. The collision with the void ended up destroying his Au completely, but oblivious of his surroundings, he allowed the raw energy he felt around to seep into him, granting him enormous power then what he had before, which barely allowed him to defeat the skeleton.

Eventually CORE!Frisk found him, and brought him into the Omega Timeline, but after just some weeks later he was forced out of the Omega Timeline, because of how many times his threatened the life of others, which eventually then led to how he currently is like.




  • LV: 7 nonillion
  • Hp: 7 Septrillion
  • Atk: 7 Septrillion
  • Def: 77 Nonillion
  • EXP on Kill: Instant up to 7 nonillion
  • Gold on Kill: 7 Undecillion


  • LV: 1
  • Hp: 0.1
  • Atk: 1
  • Def: 0.001


Necro!Sans stand at the height of 5.9 feet tall, with white eyes when in his neutral mood, but will become completely empty when he is provoked and angered for some reason, rather he has the glowing eye that other Sanses have is unknown, as it has never been seen used, and has no proven evidence if he even does have one, like other Sanses.

Necro has one hole in the middle of his hand, on both the left and right arm, he conceals them from being viewed, with his black jacket sleeves, it is not known if Gaster did this to him, or if he was just created like this, but they do serve a purpose, and are not there for no reason. His jacket is black, the fur surround his neck area is grey, and the collar is black as while, and somewhat lay on the fur behind it, but the collar doesn't poke, like some do. He has belts on the outside of his jacket, that are resting on his shoulder, they disappear into a gap behind his back. On the back of his jacket is a gaster blaster with it's mouth open as if to fire, behind the picture of the gaster blaster is a heart, the left side being white, while the right side is black with white outlines. On the side of his arm are a picture of a gaster blaster's upper head, with blank eye sockets, behind the picture is just a white circle. his shirt is black too and hang on his skeletal frame. His pants is black like all his other clothing, and has a silver colored belted around his waist, and has straps hanging on the sides of his pants sides. His shoe is mostly black, but does have some few other colors, such as grey and white.

When Necro is provoked, as his fury grows, so does the dark cloud that starts to surround him, as it chokes the light within 10 yards of him, leaving behind as eerie and murky darkness behind, the cloud of darkness will get darker and more dense the more angry he get, eventually leading to the darkness to spiral around him slowly, along with ghostly-purple light starting to sign, but instead of lighting up the area it just makes it more darker, and if he was to be further more provoked the surround area of him would drop straight to absolutely freezing, getting so cold that even titanium starts to split open or creak apart like a cracker.


Necro can be and mostly be extremely dangerous, as he absorbed death energy into him, to increase his power. Necro is tremendously unpredictable, due to the death of his Au, brother, and everyone within it that he cared for, and can also be mentally unstable to be around with. He is known for his short temper, exactly like Gaster, demonstrated when Error provoked him so greatly one time, that his pure anger was so powerfully intense, that even Error grew slightly afraid of him, however that is child's play when compared to his most greatest and deadly demonstrations. Necro's hatred, when he got so angered, that the Au he was in exploded, annihilating every single Au surrounding the Au he was within, but he will try to bottle up his anger or control it, but since he can get aggravated so easily, he always ends up exploding with rage.

Most of the Multiverse residence hate and fear him (mostly fearing him) for a somewhat good reason, as he literally radiates death, pain, fear, and darkness from out of him. Even those who can't see it will, unwillingly, sense it, from by merely being within his presence. As such, he pushes anyone who attempts to befriend or get close to him away, not wanting to know anything about them. And it always ends with Necro killing them, making them go insane, or if lucky, spare their life; but give them a traumatizing threat, that will always stick in their mind for their entire life.

Necro is not the type who likes to be socialized or noticed at all, and usually does his best to not be seen or heard; making more residence of AUs view him as a creepy and fearsome person. He also has this disturbing habit of being in the darkness and being so silent that he seems to blend in with the surrounding darkness, making even more residence of the Multiverse creep out by him. Those who are dumb or stupidly daring enough to invoke Necro!Sans' sheer rage, usually never come out alive, and to witness the event is one of most terrifying thing to go through.

With less words. Necro is very revengeful, mentally unstable, helluva dangerous, really short tempered, extremely hateful, and very unpredictable.


  • KR Immunity: He is immune to the KR poisoning effect and rapid hitting, and any other effects that work like KR, he too is immune to, granting him a huge advantage over many other Sanses that depend on the KR effect and the rapid hitting.
  • Mental Immunity: He is immune to all forms of mental abilities, such as mind control or mind distortion.
  • Soul Manipulation Immunity: Due to Necro lacking a soul, he can't be affected by moves that effect the soul, such as Blue Magic.
  • Death Immunity: Because of him absorbing death energy into him, he has become immune to any instant death abilities.
  • Superb Regeneration: Necro has very high tier regeneration, that rapidly regenerates any form of wounds he has been conflicted too, even ones that can erase him, though it's more of a reincarnation then regeneration.
  • Energy Absorbsent&Release: Necro can absorb both any form of energy and magic from the hole in his palm and can use that magic or energy to empower himself or his attack, or he can shoot it back, but at 100's of times more stronger.
  • Earth Manipulation/Geokinesis: Necro has control over the surround elements around him, and can reform them into extremely shape spikes of whatever element he used around him. He can densen the material he is using to being as hard as diamond.
  • Spirit Manipulation: Necro has control over any mortal spirit and can rip their spiritual body out of their physical mortal body. This is especially dangerous, when Necro is angry, and can loose control over this ability, which commonly leads to every single entities' spirit being ripped out of them, except for Necro.
  • Pain Manipulation: Necro can decrease or increase the pain of others, from a simple minor headache, to sanity snapping pain. He commonly uses this to knock whoever unconscious from the sheer pain, only when he doesn't feel like fighting.
  • Space Manipulation: He can length the space between him and whoever, or shorten that space that is between him or whoever, but he can also dense the space around him to nearly unbreakable.
  • Death Manipulation/Phobikinesis: He can send out a invisible field of death, that kills all who are within 100 yards of it, or he can toy with others lives with it. It can not effect already dead entities, but if he so wants to, he can destroy entire Aus with this ability, by filling the Au core with death energy.
  • Fear Manipulation/Phobikinesis: Necro has the capable of controlling the mind that contains fear, and make fears so intense that the opponent can drop dead, due to heart failure, or just a heart attack, but he also create illusion of the opponent's fear.
  • Darkness Manipulation/Umbrakinesis: He is able to use the darkness around him with large amount of control over it, such as making a shield of it so hard that it is practically unbreakable, or he can use it to create deadly spikes of darkness. He can also generate lightning made of darkness, but instead of shocking the enemy it takes their life energy away instead.
  • Sanity Manipulation: Necro has control over other entities sanity, and can snap their sanity, as if snapping a twig, and can make the insanity so terrible that, no amount of mind manipulation can fix the mind once the harm is done.
  • Penance Stare: If someone was too stare at Necro's eye, if he has this ability activated, the victim will witness and feel all the pain they caused to everyone they harmed or killed, if the victim hasn't harmed anyone this stare won't do anything then.
  • Bone Manipulation/Osteokinesis: Like every Sans, he can manifest bones, but unlike others, he can de-materialize other bone base attacks, this include gaster blasters too, as long as the attack is bone based, he can make it disappear.
  • Blue Magic/Telekinesis: Similar to Classic's blue magic, Necro too is capable of using blue magic. Necro!Sans blue magic is somewhat similar to Classic's, except he can perform a much more powerful telekinesis, able to throw opponents at hyper sonic speed. Necro doesn't need to move his hand when throwing the opponent around, more importantly, he obviously does a lot more damage when throwing a enemy to a solid surface, rather this is fortunate or unfortunate, he can crush object to literal nothingness, but only to objects, not living entities. If the entity is soulless, they will then count as semi-object.
  • Anti-Matter Blaster: This blaster can go through anything that is solid, and deals tremendous damage if hit. Anything that is solid and is hit by the beam, will just atomize to nothing, hints it's name.
  • Death Blaster: This blaster can one shot any thing that has a soul, as it shoots out highly concentrated death energy, or void energy from out the gaster blaster's mouth. Anything that is caught with the beam that is already dead will just be reduced to ashes.
  • Death Cannon: This beam is a rip in reality that will blast out a beam of pure death energy, and is far more powerful then his Death or Anti-Matter Blaster, as it uses the Au core coding, and converts it too very unstable death energy, while using the beam, the Au will start to die as will.
  • Death Wings: Necro can manifest black, smoky, wing like appendages on his back that give him to ability to fly, or to just boost his jumping height and distance, when needed.
  • Dark Cannon: Although this ray is weaker then the Death Cannon, it is still very dangerous and does the same as what the Death Cannon does when being fired, except it shoots out pure darkness energy, and just like Death Cannon, it will kill the Au too, the longer it is used.
  • Hate Cannon: The attack will get stronger the more provoked Necro get, unfortunately this beam also uses the Au core codes to shoot itself, and can cause the Au to die as will.
  • Necrosis Ray: This beam can appear out of nowhere, and if it makes physical contact with any living thing, the part that was hit, will rot off, or worse, spread the death energy within the victim, killing them within seconds. The beam cuts right through any solid surface.
  • Rising Hate: As Necro!Sans hatred or anger increase so does his stats, by 10 folds for every minute that passes, but if his anger was to rise too much, the Au and any other surrounding it will be destroyed, by the sheer amount of rage.
  • Anti-Magic Presence: All magic is unable to be used within proximity of him. The range of it is incredibly far, being up to 1000 yards.
  • Death Blast: The blast of this attack is, again made of death energy, all those within a whole city length of this blast will be killed in one shot, if they have soul, if not they will be turned to ash then.
  • Death Chain: Necro can manifest a solid form of the death energy into the shape of a long chain, that is deadly to be hit. The chain of death can transform the poor victim(who got restrained by it) into a obsidian statue of who they once were. The chain can only turn evil aligned entities to a obsidian statue
  • Disintegration Touch: If Necro was to, or if someone was to touch, the person's soul would start to disintegrate from being exposed to the raw death energy. The process is equally as slow as Reaper's death touch and just as painful.
  • Death Void Scythe: Necro can create a scythe out of the Death Void itself. Most living entities(except gods) will die from a single slash from this scythe.
  • Death's Retribution/DR: Like every other KR magic. It deals a poisoning effect, but it also injects the aimed or harmed target with death energy, that will overtime increase, eventually leading to death, unless whoever is immune to this effect, if not, the victim is already dead then.
  • Pocket Dimension: He is able to forcefully teleport anyone or thing into his pocket dimension, the Death Void, there he is a lot more powerful. Necro usually does this, to increase his magic power, when fighting.


  • Short Temper: Due to his very short temper, he can be angered really easily, for example, if one was to say something when he was talking, Necro will just explode all over them, angrily, for interrupting him, which has ruined lots of possible alliances that he could have made.
  • Grudge: Necro never forgives or forgets, easily, and generally is really known for his revengeful behavior.
  • Lack of Fear: Due to Necro's lack of fear, he doesn't understand when it's best to back down in a fight or from a insult
  • Lack of Love: Necro is quite devoid of any romantic emotions related to love, and has a really difficult time understanding what love is.
  • Constantly Antagonized: Most of everyone his meets, antagonize him as a villain or murderer, but his only killed those who's got in his way, but his never killed anyone who's provoked him, regardless, they always antagonize him, when they meet him.




Necro loved and cared for his brother safety, and did any means that was necessary to protect him, even if it met lying to him, unfortunately, he wasn't able to save him from Error!Sans, this lead to some really serious changes with Necro!Sans behaviors, leaving him how he currently is like. All because of Papyrus's death.


It is unknown if Gaster was Necro!Sans father or creator, regardless. Necro extremely despises Gaster. Gaster is one of the reason why Necro is mentally unstable.



Main Article: CORE!Frisk

Necro was allowed into the Omega Timeline, but due to him being mentally unstable, he was forced to leave, due to not just his mental instability, but his outwardly hyper-aggressiveness he showed towards everyone within the Omega Timeline, most would have moved out of this behavior, but he remained hyper-aggressive, leading to him being forced out of the Omega Timeline, ever since then his hated Core and everyone that is within the Omega Timeline.


Main Article: Error!Sans

Necro!Sans and Error!Sans both abhor each other; Necro hates Error for destroying the only place he ever felt safe at: Error hates Necro for embarrassing him during their ever first battle with one another. Both get into a bloody and pure hate filled battle, every time they meet, but have cooperated with one other, only if they have the same goal on doing something,(Such as fighting Ink!Sans) but always end up hating themselves for cooperating with each other later on.


Main Article: Ink!Sans

He tried to persuade Ink one time, into recreating his Au and everyone within it, when he denied to do so, Necro instantly showed him, his mental instability and hyper aggressiveness, threatening Ink that if he didn't then Necro would make Ink wish he never denied to not do it, when he refused again, that when he just started to attack him, but in the end they both retreated. Necro!Sans intensely hates Ink for not reincarnating his Au and everyone who died within it, and will do any means to make Ink remake his Au and everyone within it, rather Ink is willing or unwilling to do it.


Necro and Nightmare very rarely help one another in each other's goals, and most of the time they ignore each other, but conflicts do happen with one another at times


Necro hates it when Dream attempts to help Necro with his intense hatred or stress, and has nearly killed Dream multiple times, but oddly ends up sparing his life every time, which is a obvious sign that Necro isn't evil, nor is he good either. Although Necro spares Dream's life, he still finds Dream to be a huge nuisance altogether, and tried to avoid him as best as he can.


Main Article: Fresh

Necro can sense that something isn't right about Fresh, especially how abnormally tall he is compared to Necro, though Necro knows that Error is afraid of Fresh,(Personally seeing Error's reaction towards Fresh) and due to that, he'll try to persuade Fresh into getting closer to Error, while Necro puts up a "surprise" for Error.


Necro and Underhell are both half friends. (most likely because they both abhor Error a ton) Underhell is probably the closes definition of friend Necro can get. They assist one another sometimes, but most of the time, they part their ways.


Necro and Dust will help one another, but that's only sometimes. Necro doesn't fully trust Dust, since Dust is insane, and will act more cautious around Dust, but not because he fears Dust, instead, he doesn't want to risk breaking the few alliances he has, so Necro will word his sentences more carefully, so that he doesn't risk breaking their alliance.


Necro hates Insanity, and find his presence to be annoying an provoking, due to his insane behavior. Necro usually gets into fights with Insanity, though he spares his life too, feeling that Insanity isn't worth Necro's time in killing him.


  • Necro obviously has a tremendously severe case of anger issues.
  • Necro most likely doesn't have a battle eye that other Sanses have.
  • Necro is a hot-head, but he doesn't cuss.
  • Necro may be mentally unstable, but he isn't insane, his just extraordinarily unpredictable, but not insane.
  • Necro has no soul, since the death energy destroyed it.
  • Necro design was inspired by Nico Di Angelo, a character from a Percy Jackson book.
  • Necro's birthday is on July 7th.
  • Necro instead of yelling when angered, will talk even more quieter, but in a more threatening way too.
  • Necro is more logical when it comes to being a skeleton, meaning he doesn't have any organs, or magical organs, he doesn't need to sleep, eat, or drink to live, he also can't age.
  • Necro is slightly more paler compared to other Sanses.
  • Most animals hate Necro, but not in a hostile hate, but in a scared hated way.
  • Necro's Death, Hate, and Darkness Cannon may drain the Au of it's codes, but it can't necessarily destroy it.
  • The Death, Hate, and Dark Canon can drain the Au of it's code, and leave it a hollow husk of what it once was, but it CAN'T destroy the Au.
  • Necro can move at such speeds, that some of the fastest Sanses, put into a race with him, makes them look like mere snail speed.
  • Due to how fast Necro is, a single punch from him is usually fatal in one shot.
  • Necro can move so fast that he can become non-physical, making him like a ghost.
  • Necro is one of the most powerful mortal Sans, and one of the most deadly of all the mortal Sanses.
  • Most assume his evil, because of the death energy he admits, but that is always a misconception with him, if not for Gaster and Error!Sans, he would never be who he currently is.
  • The total amount of victims his killed is 9.2 quinoctogintillion characters.
  • Necro has never actually use 100% of his power on anyone, besides Error, due to just how powerful he is.
  • Although most see him as a villain, and he may have murdered many, but he has protected some Aus that reminded him of his Au.
  • Necro use to be one of the weakest Sans, among them all.
  • Necro has stolen many beanbags from Error!Sans, and currently has 97 stolen beanbags.
  • Necro has a strong addiction to chocolate, but his addiction for strawberry smoothies is even stronger.
  • Necro despises it when people assume his weakness is holy or any magic or weapons related too it, when his not.
  • Necro dislikes it when people are too close to him.
  • It is unknown how Necro can eat food, when he has no form of organs of any type.