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Nega is a wandering Out!code created by Karifox404. She is known as a living dead, the remnants of the so called "User"'s body. This Being unknown to the majority of creation has set herself the goal of pushing Sinter to become totally the host of the Negavoid and to be one with it.


When Sinter removed the code from User’s body, it was out of sight. The tail glitch was gone soon after, leaving the Negavoid. But the latter was reactive to recent actions of Sinter. In addition, the principle of suppression is to ensure that something no longer exists: that it disappears from reality. But the duo were already out of it when User disappeared. To put it simply, the deletion failed even though it was performed. The body became one with the Negavoid which had reformed it and which had thereby received the capacity to experience sensations, to think, to reflect. For a long time, the body will remain motionless, looking at itself from the outside and then from the inside (the screens). The new personification saw a lot of skeletons. Lots of monsters in general. The more time passed, the more she learned their names, gestures and expressions. Often she would see a human and a skeleton identical to the one that was here long ago fighting. Nega, who had decided to call herself like this because of a "nostalgic" feeling, she was grateful to have been suppressed. Identifying herself with humans because of her appearance, she will simply judge that acting violently and even attempting to do the same for this SOUL thief was a way of thanking him. Then, she started to be a fan of him by dint of watching him over and over again on all these screens, all these different worlds. All these "Sans" to kill or already dead, smiling. Nega even noticed that the ones who were staying alive looked more tired, saddened than the others. She also wondered why "her Sans" was not called as such. A question which remained unanswered.

She once saw, through a Sinter screen open a portal to an AU. She tried to do the same, except she couldn't. Instead, she opened a kind of breach by spreading both her arms. Some kind of extension of the Negavoid that she hadn't reached until now, what she gave off was oddly familiar to her. She entered, curious, finding inside a motionless specter much like Sinter, minus a smile. It was when she wanted to touch him that she received scraps of remembrance belonging to User, as well as a supernatural attachment to the monster (represented from her perspective by a four-sided diamond on the forehead). In reality, this expansion she was in was simply her old soul. She will eventually manage to leave her inner self and visit the Omniverse. Usually she had fun following Sinter discreetly. But it sometimes happened that she decided to come forward directly to her "best friend". Which often led the two to fight, for the same body. For the same "life".



User was an orgon, that is to say, a kind of shifter. It therefore had no predefined shape. As for Nega, the situation is slightly different. Having embodied in the last appearance that her body took, this can be considered as her "base" form.

She basically looks like a young humanoid woman, although she has two additional pairs of arms. Her skin is dark gray, while her hair and tail are immaculate white (they are messy, Nega doesn't take care of them). She usually wears a long blue sleeveless jacket with black stripes. Underneath, she has a black sweater with blue stripes. This, with pants of the same color as the sweater. She wears shoes as blue as her jacket. Her head floats a few inches from the rest of her body.

She does not speak. She can, but avoids when she manifests to people, except when there's something really important to share.


Nega is easily amused by what is happening in front of her eyes, including things that are clearly not meant to be fun. A baby who tries to say a word in vain? She will smile. A cat who jumps and ends up falling? She will chuckle. A couple of worlds falling apart? She will laugh out loud, imagining that the victims were satisfied with their situation but preferred to simulate suffering just by wanting to joke. As stated earlier with examples, the orgon way of thinking is different from others. Nega is not randomly violent, at least not without reason. However, she can easily get upset when a situation unfolds that disturb her. Despite her general disinterest in other beings when they are not entertaining her, she is incredibly sympathetic to her "target" which is Sinter.She obviously torments him very often, not putting her "mission" aside, but remains very attached to him to the point of serving as an emotional pillar at times. One of the evidence for this may be the fact that she hates to see him crack under the pressure he endures every day. That, and also the fact that she doesn't like to see him freeze, despite the fact that it allows her to take possession of her body for a limited time, because of the exact reason for these so-called freezes. She also has a good memory, but usually pretends to forget certain things. Nega is particularly far from being mad. She hides strangely high social skills behind her immature behavior.


  • Shapeshifting:A typical characteristic of the Orgons. Nega can transform part or all of his body at will. Usually, she only uses it for convenience. For example, she can take the appearance of Sinter to try to think as if she were in his shoes, and thus try to predict his movements. It can also make her dodge easily or have a better range of the targets she intends to hit. There are also more ways to use it in her daily life.