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"Every major character in a story, protagonist or antagonist, has faced tragedy before their uprising, my tragedy is just a bit more repetitive."

-Young Orcus to herself

Orcus is a character created by Raindapple0fRiverclan. After being hired by a mysterious destroyer who goes by the name of Glitch, she becomes a destroyer. Along the way she learns that her SOUL may be stronger than she thought. She also creates her own pet Gaster blaster on accident who she names Reaper. Orcus ends up loving her job and choosing to destroy every universe where good people dominate others. Orcus wants the multiverse to fall into chaos.


Nora was born as a human to a very large family with ten living siblings and was abused by every living being in her family except for her monster dad. Luckily she was popular in school and got her loving girlfriend, Lillia. One night in her rage from her abuse, she ran away to Mt. Ebott where she fell into the underground. In the underground, she was absolutely destroyed by Flowey. Luckily, right before Flowey was about to finish Nora (Who was unconscious) Gaster (Who had been watching the whole battle) interfered by teleporting Flowey all the way to Snowdin. And Gaster since he figured that she already committed to saving her, stabilized Nora before leaving her in the ruins for Toriel to find her. After that, the story goes as the true pacifist story goes except for the fact that Gaster watches her from a distance and secretly helps her in small ways and it goes like this until Nora enters the lab where she notices that the 17th entry is missing so she goes to look for it where she finds a black silhouette holding the 17th entry so she chases down the mysterious entity to a secluded room where the figure was nowhere to be seen and the entry was lying on the floor, due to Nora's lack of translation for wingdings she could only make out the name of the entity, the entity was Gaster. After that is when Nora begins to notice that Gaster is watching her. And then the story goes as usual except after defeating photoshop Flowey, Flowey doesn't turn into Asriel.



  • HP: 90
  • ATK: 50
  • DEF: 30
  • LV: 10,000,000 (From destroying and absorbing the souls of universes)
  • SPD: 70



As a human her name was Nora and Nora had pale skin, sorta teal eyes, and long black hair.


Orcus's head sorta resembles a Gaster Blaster and Orcus's body is white and she has two black spikes that go directly through her tail towards the end of it along with a streak of blue flames that run from her head and down her spine. She also has skeleton wings. When she's mad her flames will peak and will become much larger. When annoyed her flames will build up as she gets more and more annoyed. When happy her flames will become a brighter color and flicker faster. When she's sad the flames on her back will dim.


Orcus is a very tactical thinker and is also very patient, her soul trait is patience after all. She will also do anything for her friends. She can also be very forgiving depending on the number of crimes the person has committed. Orcus is often calm but can also be fairly happy at times. When there's mayhem she'll be the first to spring into action. Though she may appear as a form of destruction on the outside, she's actually a real sweetheart to those who she thinks of as friends. But Orcus can also be very selfish and will toy with a being if she's bored.


  • Gaster Blaster: Though this is not Orcus's special attack it is one of her favorites because this is the first attack she was taught.
  • Teleportation: Orcus is able to teleport from place to place, like Sans she calls them 'shortcuts'.
  • Psychic power: Since Orcus is a psychic she is able to read minds, foresee future events, and attack with her mind at will.
  • Universe corruption: With this ability Orcus can claim a universe's SOUL, giving her complete control over the universe. This means that no one else could change the universe until Orcus released her claim.
  • Determined dominator: With this Orcus can absorb the determination of others, this can allow those who are able to reset lose their power.
  • Warped being: With this power, Orcus can do two things: possess other beings, or completely change the target's personality and/or character.
  • Wipeout: This is a one-shot KO attack that will tangle and ensnare the target in a series of red rope like a web. Once this is done the red ropes pull the target's body apart.
  • Illusion caster: Once Orcus uses this move then Orcus will be able to cast an illusion over terrain, making it look as if she and the opponent were somewhere else. The illusion depends on the area Orcus is thinking of at the time.
  • Universe clash: This attack allows Orcus to merge to universes together, causing the two universes to fall into chaos due to the confusion.
  • Universal doom: This is the attack that Orcus uses to destroy AUs by slicing them to shreds.
  • Warped Reality: Orcus will usually use this on AUs that she doesn't find 'interesting enough'. This will change the laws and physics and sorta warp the reality of the AU she uses it on.
  • SOUL crusher: This is Orcus's special attack which must be used directly after using Universal doom. This allows Orcus to absorb the SOULs of the residents of the AU she destroyed, making her more powerful


Candor Silvers

Orcus once met him in battle as Orcus fought so she could destroy the AU Candor was protecting. Orcus eventually after hours of fighting backed off and actually began to respect the protector and her respect for Candor reached decently high levels. Orcus hopes that one day she can befriend him.


While Orcus doesn't hate her, she is still one of Orcus's main foes, though she has never met her, she has heard of her. Though if they were to meet then they would probably not get along due to their different opinions.


Gaster is a friend to her and she personally loves to listen to him explain stuff. She also often pulls him away from his work.


She is grateful for having Sans as a friend. She also is grateful for him and Papyrus allowing her to stay at their place.


Papyrus is definitely a memorable friend and she loves his quirky personality.


Though it wasn't this way at first, Undyne is now her best pal and is always grateful for her company.


Lillia is Orcus's girlfriend and her best friend. When almost everybody at school only liked Orcus for her looks, Lillia loved her for her personality and always stayed close to her. So when Orcus went missing Lillia was devastated and made finding Orcus her number one priority/goal. That's why when Lillia found the hole to the underground, she didn't hesitate in jumping down. There Flowey, as he did to Orcus, destroyed Lillia except for this time he succeeded but Lillia's SOUL didn't die, it turned into a monster soul. Lillia is Orcus's most dedicated friend, the fact that Lillia's SOUL trait is dedication only supports the fact.


Orcus only thinks of Glitch as her boss and nothing more, nothing less.


He is Orcus's best friend in the destroyer category, his looks remind her of Gaster while his personality reminds her of Sans and Papyrus. And Corruption on occasions will help Orcus destroy AUs when Orcus has to leave because something came up.



  • Though she's techincally a Destroyer, she prefers to be called a Dominator.
  • Orcus once had a toxic relationship with her ex-boyfriend
  • Orcus's sexuality is Bisexual just like her writer
  • The name of Orcus's home town is called Post-chaos
  • Orcus's family had a gray tabby with blue eyes who they named Blueberry
  • Orcus was a straight-A student and was popular in school
  • Orcus's philosophy is 'There needs to be light in order for there to be darkness.
  • She, like Alphys, loves anime.
  • At her school, she was in the Dungeons and Dragons club.
  • Got a citizenship reward twice.
  • Won the spelling bee once in 5th grade.
  • Her two favorite subjects are reading and math.
  • She loved to study the history of monsters.
  • Orcus's main goal is to become the ruler of her AU.
  • If Orcus rules then she will destroy all humanity and use their souls to become a goddess.
  • Due to Orcus being a destroyer the only way she can become a goddess is by getting 6 human souls from her AU.
  • You can learn more about how her story plays out here (If you wish to do so you can create pages for any fanmade characters in the story, if you want more information about the character to do so then you can let me know by leaving a message on my wall.)