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O.P Reader is an OC created by ADgee. He's an ageless humanoid being who resides currently in the Doodle Sphere, serving as a vigilant and watcher for important events.


Reader was born in an unknown universe thousands of years in the past. He was originally brought into existence to watch over the AU and document whatever events happened in there. Eventually, Reader got exhausted from doing basically anything, and tried to intervene in the timeline. This led to a powerful anomaly which detached him from spacetime continuum, and become ageless. After that, the timeline auto-reset to a previous point. Reader took notes of this and soon discovered parallel timelines. He began tampering slightly with these, causing bifurcations and ramifications, each one different from the previous.

After several years of timeline alteration, Reader managed to leave his universe and explore further beyond. In another universe, he found a couple of magical items to help him, one of them being a magical clock. He took these and continued exploring. Eventually, he stumbled upon Ink, who got Reader's interest and he began inspectionating him. Many years later, he decided to establish himself onto the Doodle Sphere, since he considered the Anti-Void "not a safe place".



Reader is an entirely white humanoid being. He usually wears a purple tuxedo, with a lime green bowtie on top. He also wears a tophat of the same color.

He as well wears dark purple pants and grey shoes.


Reader usually remains calm and polite, and very rarely snaps out. He likes to lecture people in various regards, as well as playing games of chance against them (winning most of the time). Due to this, he's disturbed from not knowing his options or chances in a scenario, and can get annoyed from people disobeying him.


  • Limitless Communication: He can communicate through a terminal in his location with nearly any AU or any of it's timelines. He can't alter them thought.
  • Incredible Luck: He's very lucky, specially in games of chance and probability.
  • Space Manipulation: He can use Space magic to warp from place to place.
  • Magical Clock: He can use his clock to predict an event in the far future. The clock can be destroyed like a normal one.
  • Magic Roulette: He has a magic roulette which, depending on where it stops, it can summon a variety of different attacks. The strength varies very slightly.
  • Crowbar: He has a crowbar which can nullify the magic properties of an item if hit hard enough. It can nullify people's powers temporary as well.
  • Terminal Control: He can spectate various timelines and universes from his terminal.
  • He also has a glock in a holster, ready for whenever he has to shoot.







  • Reader is heavily inspired in Doc Scratch from Homestuck.