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"I don't give a hell if your here to help me or not."
– Occultist

Occultist is an Out!code created by PainMan420. He is a Sans that has gone rogue by destroying his own universe, however it's remains still haunt him. He’s currently working for Nightmare of Dreamtale.


Occultist!Sans, or Necronomin is a Sans that was getting bored with the amount of "good ending" timelines the human has been doing non-stop. He wanted them to do a new one, like Genocide, however the human didn't care and kept doing Pacifists or Neutral. Sans was getting tired, he didn't enjoy this anymore, one more timeline that is Neutral or Pacifist related was the last straw, and then so it happened. During the final Pacifist timeline the human could ever do, Sans dusted everyone looking at the sun, the timeline broke which somehow caused it to crash, not the timeline but the whole AU. The aftermath lead Sans back into his house, however his house wasn't the same anymore, he opened his eyes only to see the walls of his house decaying away, He thought that was only the effects, that was until he went downstairs to see, the TV broken, couch torn apart, door broken down, walls rotten. At this point Sans was confused, how would a simple broken timeline cause much of a havoc like this, during this he suddenly got a flashback going to Grillby's for a moment until it stopped. He thought it was just a flashback, he brushed it off, however once he got out of his house, the entirety of Snow-din was like a lost forest. He got another flashback of him stacking hotdogs on top of the human's head. No, this wasn't what he expected to happen, he'd rather see his brother's head fallen off everywhere, he'd rather get dusted a thousand times, not THIS kind of torture. Sans didn't know what to do at this point, he was only hiding in his decaying room with the rotten house, after many days, or months went by, Sans was incapable to feel anything other than boiling rage, his thoughts "Why me?", "Is it because of my stubborness?", the thoughts were overwhelming him. Until he realized, this what he exactly asked for, no more happy endings, but a bad one, he grinned to himself as he finally went out the miserable room he was in, and started working on a project, giving him a sword, armor, and a new him. He didn't like being called as "Sans" anymore, he'd rather call himself or what people should call him "Occultist."



Occultist is a dark grey skeleton, with his eyes consisting of red and purple, grey plate armor, cracked helmet, dark grey boots.


Occultist has a rude and serious personality. He has pure disgust over any Neutral or Pacifist timelines, he also tends to mock people who he thinks have a stupid look. He has a liking of licorice and root beer.


  • Necro Blaster: A Blaster that is dark grey with red and purple eyes, it depends on how powerful the blast is on how long it is charged, if it is fully charged it fires a large purple lightning beam.
  • Bones: Bones are mostly the same, however they have a slight dark purple and red color to it.
  • Sword: Occultist's sword can extend for as long as 5-10 ft, it deals around 50 damage.
  • Tombstones: They act like shields, blocking any projectile including gaster blasters, however he rarely uses these in-battle.
  • Pentagrams: Occultist mostly uses these in battle, either for, launching himself up into the air, blocking projectiles, summoning skeletons, and for launching purple lightning.
  • Necromancy: Occultist's main ability he uses, he mostly uses this ability for, summoning skeleton minions, grabbing with skeletal hands, and purple lightning.


Ink!Sans (Enemy)

Occultist despises Ink, not only because he's here to "protect" the AU's, he knows that he's hiding something from all of them.

Nightmare!Sans (Enemy)

Occultist was forced to join his gang, he refused the offer, as he tried to fight Nightmare which resulted him into almost dying, he immediately escaped by teleporting with what little magic he has left.

Unit B-1 (Friend)

They have been friends for quite a while, chilling and ranting about AU's, he still does not like how big B-1 is.


  • Occultist has a cape that is permanently attached to him, he tried ripping it off several times but never worked, he uses his cape to wrap himself around like a blanket only when he's chilling, however his cape is extremely rough.
  • While Occultist may like drinking root beer, he does not get drunk whatsoever.
  • Occultist tends to rant about AU's with B-1.
  • Occultist barely could feel any emotion besides anger.
  • Occultist only has flashbacks when he goes back to his AU/Necro!Tale.
  • Occultist is canonically asexual.
  • Occultist hates being called an edgelord.