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"You want to know more information about me? You are just gonna check my page like that? Do you remember my page was removed? Ohh i bet you do, D̷̫͠o̷͙̕ċ̷͔M̸͔̉ḙ̷̚l̴̞̆ȯ̷̥n̷̫̍H̷̹͐ë̸͇a̴̟̚ḍ̸̉. In that case.... S̵I̵N̷C̴E̶ ̷W̷H̷E̶N̸ ̶W̸E̷R̴E̵ ̵Y̷O̴U̵ ̷T̴H̸E̶ ̶O̷N̴E̸ ̶I̵N̴ ̷C̷O̵N̷T̷R̷O̸L̵?̷"
– Olizia talking to "the person on the other side of the screen"

Olizia is an Out!Code that was first seen in the AU Undertale New. They are somehow even able to break the 4th Wall, and they took control almost all over UTN. And for this reason, William and many others left their own home, but others died there or were inprisoned by Olizia.



HP: ∞/∞

LV: ???

AT: 7347837823884738497384783473584738

DF: ∞


Olizia looks to be a small, teenage girl who goes by she/they with short light-brown hair. They have bruises all over their face and have black eyes with red pupils, they wear a dark-blueish shirt with lighter sleeves. They wear some light-brown shorts and some Converse shoes, but they are light-brown in color. They also have a big injury on their left leg, which is why they have a bandage there.


Olizia doesn't seem to have a real personality, but they are seen cruel and without a real reason to SAVE others. Even if they don't have their own soul, they can Save/Load/Reset (SLR).


  • Soulcrash: Olizia will create a Blackspear they will then throw at their target, if the target is hit in the chest, their soul will be ripped off and it will shatter in a few moments, dusting the enemy in an instant.
  • Hackbuttons: Olizia can create a thing they call a "Hackbutton", which is identical to one of the buttons available in a FIGHT. However, on the Hackbutton there will be a name of a random character, monster or not. If Olizia presses it, they will gain all the abilities of that character.
  • 4th Wall breaking: Olizia can break the 4th Wall too. In fact, this is seen mostly when their page on the OC wiki gets deleted, where they say the quote you see on the start of the article. Nobody knows how it's possible, and some don't even know what she talks about.
  • Code Hacking: Olizia can open a code of an AU they choose. For example: if they want to modify the script of Horrortale, they will have to pass trought this command:
    • Open_codesystem = Horrortale --> true --> Open [filename, for example "Character list"] --> [here she modifies the characters, for example]

But Olizia cannot use this command all the time, it's like when they use it, it goes on cooldown for some minutes or hours.



  • It is currently unknown why Olizia became the being they are now, before they even fell into the new Underground, they were totally innocent, but a bit silent.
  • Olizia's soul you will see in the Gallery is not their actual soul, they stole a Determination soul.
    • However, while they were taking the soul, the soul was scattered across time and space, because Olizia didn't own a soul on their own and didn't really live anywhere anymore. And since the soul broke in time and space, it got all mixed up with all the other Soul Colors. Including HATE from the Glitchtale AU.
  • In reality, Olizia isn't alive, but they are dead. In fact, when their parents heard about her mysterious death, they were desperate and broken in tears.
    • Olizia, however, doesn't remember how they died and doesn't even remember they in fact did die.
  • Olizia goes by she/they, which means she goes both by she/her and they/them.
    • However, she feels more comfortable when someone uses they/them.