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"" If you are just PATIENT, then I'm sure things will all be for the better." "
– Patience!Sans

Patience!Sans is a Sans Out!code created by ShiftingFoxx on August 4th, 2020. He is the representation of any Fallen Patience SOUL within the Multiverse, and often serves as the voice for them. Minty travels the Multiverse aimlessly as he searches for purpose, as the need for representation is so little, he doesn't have much to do.


Patience has been a part of the Multiverse since the first Fallen Patience died, but ages very, very slowly, both physically and mentally. He's meant to, quite simply, represent the Fallen Humans of Patience.

It is unknown how he was created, or how he came to be, though some theorize it was something along the lines of the following:

  1. Patience may have been the result of a study of the SOUL of Patience, likely preformed by Doctor W.D Gaster and his assistants sometime before his demise. This, while the most scientific, is unclear as to how a study could produce such a being.
  2. A second theory is that the force used to break the will of Fallen Patience was so powerful that it fractured the two participant's SOULs, and the two then merged to create Boots as he is today. This would imply that a Skeleton may have caused the Human's death, and at least one small fragment of their SOULs will be missing.
  3. The final theory, and the most simple, is that by some higher being's will, the death of the Fallen Child of Patience willed the life of another to begin. This means that, with the child's death brought a new life to the world, by accident, or on prpose.



Patience, standing at a mere 3 feet, wears a mint-green and pastel-violet poncho, appearing similar to Monster Kid's attire. He also wears a pair of brown high-heeled boots with grey socks. The Skeleton's only visible eye is always using magic, being half light blue and half pastel green, with a pastel pink heart as the pupil. His other eye is not there, in its place his very SOUL.. It is upright like a Human's, and colored cyan. Tied around his lower spine is a brown scarf, and it trails behind him akin to a tail. It acts to his will, and is able to grab things for him, so he doesn't have to lift his poncho. 


As Patience was made to represent (assumed) children, he is childish, with a affiliation for playful mischief in nature. He can be annoying for some with his barrages of questions, the need for physical interactions, and his overall happy nature, but makes up for it with his overwhelming support, patience, and his quiet side.

Patience has constant mood swings, and can go from 'annoying child' to 'very observant, quiet child' within a few minutes.

While Mint has the mind of a child, he's very mindful of those around him, and observant to any sort of threat to those who make good with him.


Patience, while still young and friendly, will not hesitate to fight if there is no other way to end a conflict.

  • Patience Strings:  These strings are manifested from magic and develop at Minty's fingertips, and can entangle enemies in the event that he needs to stall them in order to flee. They drain HP when the entangled struggles, and can only be dispersed if Patience is incapacitated, he wills them to disperse, or he leaves the FIGHT (whether that be by traveling more than 3 miles from the opponent or traveling to a different AU/Void/Anti-Void).
  • Bone Attacks:  While these are standard for nearly every Sans, Patience's bones are almost exclusively cyan, or, alternatively, able to flash between cyan and white rapidly in order to impale, confuse, or deceive opponents. These are limited in summoning power, and the maximum he can summon at a time is 40 bones.
  • SOUL Manipulation:  Like many other Sanses, Patience can manipulate one's SOUL to inflict new conditions on the opponent. He can turn your SOUL Cyan, forcing you to limit your movement. If one moves too much under this condition, they can begin to take damage for every second they continue to move. Unfortunately, Patience can only keep this up for about 7 minutes, as it takes quite a bit of energy. It also requires him to keep an eye on the opponent at all times, and remain focused. If he breaks concentration, the effect will vanish.
  • SOUL Power:  Boot's SOUL isn't considered Human, nor is it considered Monster. It pertains about half the power of the average Human's, while still upholding the capacity to channel magic as efficiently as any Monster.
  • AU Travel: Patience can very easily travel between AUs. He uses a special variety of his Patience Strings (called Portal Strings) that can detach from his fingers to swirl around in elliptical fashion. This opens a portal to his desired destination. Once him (and anyone else traveling close behind him) are on the other side, the portal will close, leaving behind the strings. These can be consumed by Humans and Monsters alike to increase Max HP by 1.
  • Everlasting Body: Even if his SOUL is absorbed, his body will not dust, instead becoming a husk. It is unable to move, or preform any actions for itself. However, when the one who absorbed Patience's SOUL releases it, they are forced to release it, it is taken from them and shortly thereafter released, or the taker of his SOUL dies, his mind and SOUL return to his body. 
  • Immortality: As the representative of something constant within many Undertale AU's, Patience cannot really die. The only remote way he could actually die would be if every AU(with a Fallen Human of Patience) and all of their timelines:
    • Were ERASED (via Genocide)
    • Were somehow cleansed of any mention/ trace of the Fallen Human of Patience
    • Were obliterated (via other Out!Codes)

That being said, Patience can easily be put out of commission, or defeated. He just cannot be completely killed.


  • Fragile Bones: Patience has very fragile bones, and anything falling on him can prove incredibly painful, often resulting in being out of commission for weeks at a time.
  • Weak Skull: His skull cannot protect his consince very well due to his SOUL being located there, so any forceful hit to the child's head can not only damage his skull, mental capacity, and magic, but it can also effectively incapacitate him.
  • Absorption: Patience's SOUL can easily be absorbed if he's not fully conscious, thereby being forced from his body to share it with the one who took his SOUL. Also, it's very uncomfy.
  • Insomnia??: He often has trouble sleeping, and after about a week without a nap, he'll start getting irritable and cranky.
  • Code vulnerability: Patience, as his code is not very heavily guarded, is weaker to code-based attacks than your average Out!Code.
  • Relearning: When Patience's consince returns after his SOUL is taken, he has to re-lean how to properly walk. He may also have to remember how to talk, eat, and even manifest attacks depending on the circumstances (how long he's stayed sharing a body with someone else, how much he was able to take control of the body, ect.). This can leave him vulnerable for up to a month.
  • Trackable: Due to the Portal Strings Patience leaves behind, it's incredibly easy to find where he's been, and where he may be.


Navella and Company

For more information, see Navella.

While it would completely depend on Navella's mood when she met Minty, there are other beings that hang with her that would like the child.

Kat and Emily would be the friendliest twoards him.


  • He's irrationally afraid of sharp metal objects that are or resemble needles, scissors, or scalpels. No telling why.
  • He's obsessed with sardoynx gemstones, and often tries to scavenge for them.
  • Patience often has run-ins with unpleasantries who poke and grab at his SOUL. This, along with situations where he is faced with needles/scissors/scalpels, is when his eyelight will disappear. It will reappear within 30 seconds, but by then he will have started a FIGHT or ran off. Blindly.
  • Like Ink!Sans, his eyelights are never white(unless he doesn't use vials, but that's beside the point). Unlike him, though, they can disappear.
  • The Gaster Blasters he summons are just skulls. Tiny skulls that he tries to be intimidating with. They're also sentient, and act like puppies.
  • He cannot absorb any SOULS because his SOUL is neither Human nor Monster. The opposite is true for everyone else.